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10 Must-Know Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Are you embarking on solo adventures and need the best travel tips? Then, we’ve got you covered. After a solo traveler offered their best advice, others responded to deliver this list of top-ten traveling tips. 

1.  Carry Local Currency

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Always carry local currency and never depend on your charge cards when you check out of hotels when traveling abroad. The first person recalled a hotel not accepting his card for city taxes (in Milan), only the hotel bills.

2.  Beware of Cheap Airlines When Flying Around Europe

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Beware of cheap flights when traveling around Europe. One person warned that cheap airlines like Ryan Air look to charge their passengers an additional fee for any reason. This same person said one airline charged 55 Euros if you didn’t check in online.

3.  Check for Bed Bugs

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Another individual announced that you should always check your living quarters for bed bugs no matter what. They added to ensure you check if you are staying in a hotel or hostel.

Furthermore, this person continued how they stayed at a hostel in Ko Lanta (an island on Thailand’s Andaman coast) that had bed bugs and were uncomfortable for the remainder of their trip.

4. Is Great for Traveling on Foot or via Bike

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Another admitted to using Maps.Me in different countries where there could be better data service. They added that the app is more beneficial when traveling large distances, either on foot or by bike, due to the spotty coverage in certain areas. They clarified that they used the Maps.Me app for 11 months and only once had issues with GPS accuracy.

5.  Packing Cubes Are a Lifesaver

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One traveler suggested that packing travel cubes is a great accessory to have during travel for the organization it offers. However, they added not to fill your cubes with like items (all underwear in one cube and all shirts in another), but instead put one outfit in every cube.

6.  Pack a Smaller Backpack to Travel Around With

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Some argue that a backpack is better than a money belt or purse when traveling. A money belt attracts more attention from tourists than a smaller backpack or tote bag would, and they would carry one instead. Someone else replied that a money belt screams tourist, making you a target. 

7.  Two-Factor Authentication Is Difficult Without Data

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Due to the rising popularity of two-factor authentication, we have become highly reliant on it. One Reddit user mentioned having printed backup passwords for things like Gmail and HBOMax with the password manager on your device. You only realize how much we rely on it once it’s unavailable.

8.  When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

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When you see women spending their free leisurely in the streets alone, you can feel safe in that neighborhood. They said taking out your phone is safe if you see locals on their phones on the roads. Another replied, “This is a great tip.” They were in Mexico City and noticed no one was using headphones, so they removed their own.

9.  Take a Good Travel Card and Have a Backup

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When traveling abroad, take two cards with you: one with great travel rewards and another as a backup locked away in your room. Another Redditor couldn’t stress the importance of protecting the second card enough.

10. Ask the Staff and the Locals

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When traveling to another country, another person suggested researching the hotel you will stay at and looking for ones with reviews about how helpful the staff is. 

Then, once you are traveling, ask the staff about local attractions in their town and the ones you are traveling to next. Finally, one confirmed, it was a great idea because the info from the locals is more up to date than the guidebook info.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit tips list for solo travelers. 

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