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14 Clever Solutions to Your Awkward Above-Cabinet Space

Many kitchens feature space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets. If this weird, empty space keeps you up at night, we have some solutions.

That awkward space above your cabinets may seem ugly now, but it has the potential to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic and create extra storage space.

These ideas do not require any construction or renovation. You can always extend your cabinets or fill in the wall, but that’s an expensive and extensive project. Solve your above-cabinet space in no time with these simple ideas.

Green Plants

Stylish kitchen interior with green plants.
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One of the loveliest ways to beautify your above-cabinet space is to adopt flourishing green plants. Whether your kitchen floods with sunlight or has a darker vibe, you can find plants suited to the environment.

We recommend dramatic, spacious plants like pothos, English Ivy, or string of pearls. Vines and leaves can hang over the top of the cabinet for a whimsical, organic look. If you don’t have a green thumb, we won’t fault you for using faux plants!

Pottery and Vases

Close-up of hands making pottery on a wheel.
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Pottery and vase options are endless. You can opt for clay-colored, earthy pots and pieces or explore funky glazed pieces with bright colors. It’s also an appealing way to store your flower vases when they’re not in use.

You can turn this into an adventure and make some pottery yourself or find some special pieces at your local thrift store. Glass, ceramic, clay, steel, or even plastic can look tasteful.

Wine Storage

man pouring woman glass of wine in kitchen.
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If you’re a wine lover, you can display your attractive bottles above your cabinets. This idea is best in dim kitchens, as wine bottles should not be exposed to direct sunlight. However, empty bottles can also work.

We suggest using a wine rack. You can stand the bottles up in a line if you have enough space between the cabinet and the ceiling. Make sure you don’t stack them precariously, as cleaning up a whole bottle of red wine is not fun.

Vintage Ingredient Packaging

variety of oils on counter with peppers.
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If you love the idea of a wine display but aren’t much of a drinker, you can showcase vintage or high-end ingredients and containers. For example, a fancy olive oil bottle or vintage teabag container could look cute.

Finding vintage ingredients isn’t always easy, but can be an exciting venture. Interesting options include antique spice jars, vinegar bottles, or even cracker boxes. The ingredients aren’t the important part; it’s the packaging. The items don’t have to be vintage; they can also be luxury ingredient packaging.


Woman with cookbook on counter, table in kitchen
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A small library is always a marvelous way to fill awkward spaces. You can use any collection of books, but what’s more perfect than a little library of cookbooks for your kitchen?

Most cookbooks fit perfectly in this space, making it look deliberate rather than awkwardly unfinished. Arrange cookbooks by size, color, topic, or randomly for an eclectic vibe.

Rustic Baskets

Well organized kitchen concept baskets vase items on counter and shelves.
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Are rustic baskets ever a bad idea? We don’t think so! Target, TJ Maxx, and most thrift stores sell a wealth of cute baskets in all shapes and sizes. You can use a variety or buy several of the same baskets.

The baskets will bring a cozy and quaint aura to your cabinet space, but they also offer extra storage. This idea makes your above-cabinet space attractive and functional!

Wooden Crates

man smiling carrying crate with plant in it.
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This idea is similar to the rustic baskets but has a slightly more rigid feel. Wooden crates are reminiscent of a local farmer’s market or cozy farmhouse, while baskets have more of a cottagecore aesthetic.

Like with the baskets, the crates double as hidden storage spaces. You can find crates at thrift stores, but keep an eye out for attractive crates at the supermarket with charming images of produce or phrases like “Fresh Oranges” or “Organic Asparagus.”

Little-Used Serving Pieces

Stylish scandi cuisine interior decor. Ceramic plates, dishes, utensils, jars, cookware, and cozy decor on wooden shelfs.
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Most people don’t use their pie dishes, cake stands, and gravy boats daily. These types of serving pieces can be clumsy to store. However, they’re usually visually appealing, with intricate designs or beautiful materials.

Displaying these above your cabinets means you can admire them more often, give them more purpose, and maybe remind yourself occasionally that you deserve a cake! If you don’t have serving pieces, this is the perfect reason to start a collection.

Quaint Jars

Woman Reusing Glass Jars To Store Dried Food Living Sustainable Lifestyle At Home
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From tiny sand jars to bulky mason jars, rustic jars are a cute way to fill that weird above-cabinet space. Mix and match sizes, glass colors, styles, and more for an endearing and eccentric style.

You can save and wash food jars or find them at thrift shops and home goods stores. You can also fill the jars with sand, coins, marbles, beads, rice, or anything else that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Kitchen Linens

Morning view from the window. Neatly folded kitchen towels are on the table, coffee and tea for breakfast.
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If you’re short on storage, your above-cabinet space can be the perfect spot for bulky kitchen linens. Store items like dish towels, hand towels, tablecloths, tea towels, placemats, aprons, and oven mitts.

You can store them in wire bins, baskets, or boxes. If you use them enough, you can store them on top of the cabinets in the open. A trick for preventing dust buildup is to put a plain white piece of paper beneath the linens and change it every time you grab anything.


Mother Taking Selfie With Little Baby On Smartphone In Kitchen Interior.
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Hanging artwork on the small wall space above your cabinets is not ideal, as the art will be tough to see. The best way to display artwork above cabinets is to lean the art against the wall, creating a casual vibe. You can also use frame stands.

The artwork can be anything, from canvas paintings to framed photographs. While you can use any type of art you want, we love food-themed art in the kitchen. Play with different sizes for a relaxed look or stick with one size and shape for a uniform style.

Decorative Plates

Modern Kitchen With Marble Counters and Wood Cabinets with decorative plates on top.
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and Depositphotos

Decorative plates are a classic kitchen decoration that will never go out of style. You need plate stands for this idea, but you can buy several plastic or metal ones for less than $10.

Again, thrift stores are an excellent place to find unique and eye-catching plates. They could be quirky plates painted by kids, elegant tea saucers, or anything in between.

Nesting Canisters

set of canisters on counter.
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Nesting canisters are an easy way to create a cohesive and attractive display above your cabinets without much effort. If mixing and matching different items is daunting, one or two sets of nesting canisters are an instant solution.

These can be modern and minimalist or colorful and eye-popping. Depending on the set you get, you may be able to store dry goods in the canisters.

Quirky Collection

Bright space - a bright and spacious kitchen with a view of a garden.
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Collectors sometimes struggle to find the perfect place to display their beloved collectibles. Why not above your kitchen cabinets? If it makes sense, proudly display your beloved collection in your kitchen.

Collectibles like model cars, antique lunchboxes, tea cups, vintage toys, and more are perfect. However, we don’t recommend using sensitive collectibles like stamps or comic books that could be damaged by cooking steam or heat.

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