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What is Aesthetically Pleasing? So, What?

Going home to an aesthetically pleasing space that fits all of your style and utility needs is a wonderful experience.

Nobody enjoys living in a drab home. Even those with cluttered spaces dislike it. Everyone wishes to return to a well-made home. Where everything looks nice and in place, thanks to well-thought-out furniture and well-picked and coordinated colors. You’re excited and satisfied just thinking about it, and you can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of your home.

So, what precisely is aesthetically pleasing for the home, why does it matter, and how can you achieve it? Most people battle with these challenges, and if you’re one of them, you might be surprised to learn that even experts in the disciplines of interior design and décor get stuck at times. However, this does not have to be the case. Discover how simple it is to create an attractive and trendy look in your home.

What Makes a Home Aesthetically Pleasing?

When we speak of home aesthetics, we are referring to more than just the appearance of a home’s interior. Aesthetics in a home is more than meets the eye. It’s the sensation and experience you have when using the space. It’s also how someone who sees the space for the first time feels. If a friend came into your home and praised you on how nice your colors are or how nice your decor is, you can be sure they found something appealing about your home. When furnishing and decorating your home, though, you must consider what appeals to you the most and works well with the rest of the pieces in your space.

It takes layouts that are well planned out, furniture and accessories that go well with each other, and coordinated colors to achieve an aesthetically pleasing home.

To establish an aesthetically beautiful home, well-planned layouts, furniture, and accessories that complement each other, and harmonized colors are required.

A home with a coherent style, a functional color palette, the proper type and amount of accessorizing, and all spaces flowing fluidly into one another is aesthetically beautiful. Finally, the area must be livable and supportive of the users’ lifestyles and habits.

Why Everyone Should Strive for an Aesthetically Pleasing Home.

You may be reading this post because you’ve discovered that your home’s decor isn’t working for you and that you need to make some changes.

Having a beautiful home offers more benefits than just bragging rights as the most beautiful property in the community. Beautiful spaces can provide you with so much more.

Here are some of the reasons why good interior design is so vital in a home:

Creating Comfort and Warmth

It takes interior design to transform a basic building into a home that is the ultimate haven.

Good interior design makes a home feel more comfortable and warmer. When you are intentional with picking out homeware, it makes the space feel like your own, and therefore you will be comfortable spending time in such a space.

Improving Mood

An attractive home can influence emotions and improve mood. Being in a beautiful environment immediately puts you in a better mood, allowing you to relax and feel better, especially after a long day. When you’re in the appropriate attitude, it’s also easier to get things done.

Expressing Personality and Creativity

Your space is what a blank canvas is to an artist. It is the perfect place to imprint your personality and show off your creativity. You get to fill it with items that you like and arrange them in the way that you like and that would make you most comfortable. You can freely experiment with different things and styles in your home until you find the perfect combo that makes you feel right at home.

Improved Efficiency and Performance

This is particularly critical for those who work from home. Not only does working in an attractive environment put you in the correct frame of mind, but it also makes it easier to move around, find things, and concentrate.

While learning why having a beautiful home is important, it’s also necessary to dispel the idea that interior design is expensive. The truth is that depending on what you need to buy and who you need to engage to help, an interior design, redesign, or restyling job may be quite costly. Another reality is that you can plan your project to properly fit within your budget. You can create a great interior that is also economical with a little help and imagination.  

How to Make Your Home Aesthetically Pleasing

Now that we understand what it is to have an aesthetically beautiful home and why it is important, the final step is to learn how to do it properly.

Know and Define Your Personal Style

Many decisions, such as the sort of furniture and accessories you purchase and the paint colors to use, are influenced by your particular style.

Some people are aware of their home design style, while others are not. Even if you don’t know what style you prefer, there are some elements that you admire and want to incorporate into your home. Perhaps you prefer rich hues, opulent fabrics, and elaborate detailing on your furniture and accessories, indicating a preference for Victorian design. Some people prefer the polar opposite: light and airy interiors with few frills and accessories, making them appear more minimalistic or modern.

If you’re unsure about which design style is best for you, do some research. The internet is a great resource for learning about different interior design styles and their features. This way, you’ll be able to see what appeals to you the most, and your personal style will emerge. You can also learn your style by looking at the things you already own or have always admired.

Choose Colors

Color is another crucial factor to consider while designing an aesthetically beautiful home. Color has the power to create or destroy an interior design, which is why it’s so important to pick them properly.

The simplest and most straightforward step in choosing house colors is to think about colors you enjoy and can live within your space for a long time. Second, you must decide on a color scheme, or how the colors will be combined. Monochromatic for a sophisticated style, complementary for a contrasting and dynamic feel, or analogous for a harmonic and soothing setting are all options.

To create your palette, start with two basic colors you love, then add one or two secondary colors to balance them out. Colors should also show your vision and personality.

Shop Right 

After you’ve decided on your style and color scheme, the next step is to choose the proper pieces to bring your vision to reality. You must adhere to your chosen style and color palette. Metal goods, streamlined furniture, and neutral hues are most often required for a modern look for example. It’s important to remember to mix textures to give your environment more depth.

Hire a Specialist

Not all of us are born creatives, and even fewer of us are interior design experts. If you fall in the majority and need to make your home aesthetically pleasing, then you may need to hire a specialist. You may have the perfect idea of what kind of space you want but lack the skills to pull that idea together into a realistic plan. Sometimes you can’t do it yourself and get it right, so you need help. And the best way to get anything done is to have a professional do it for you. 

When working on a new build or major renovation, it is advisable to hire an interior designer to help with spatial planning and suggest finishing materials that will suit you best. For smaller restyling and decorating projects, you can hire an interior decorator or stylist to tie everything in your space.

You get a lot out of hiring a professional. Apart from their expert advice, having someone else handle your interior design projects takes off the stress of researching and sourcing for the perfect finishes, materials, and accessories, and doing follow-ups on products. You end up saving money in the process as most interior designers and decorators work with stores they trust to offer the best quality and sometimes very good discounts. Most importantly, designers have a trained eye and can help you define your style and put together a workable plan to suit your lifestyle and likes.

Add Personal Touches

It can be so devastating to spend so much money on buying furnishings only for your home to end up looking like some showroom because it really is a checklist of some catalog. There is also nothing satisfying in going into your living room that looks exactly like Rachel’s next door. For your interior decor to be really fulfilling, you have to make it your own. Sure, you saw a couch in an AD magazine and it looked really good, but would it look as great in your space? You should also consider that there are a million other people reading the same magazine, falling in love with that same item, and even going to the point of purchasing it. What makes the difference is when you take and dress it up in a way that is only unique to you.

Another great way to make your space feel personal is adding cool DIY items like abstract wall art made of plaster, or a simpler thing like adding little embroidery on throw pillow covers. You can also take items and use them for another purpose than they were listed for. For example, you can flip a side table and make it a bedside table or use an area rug as a wall hanging. Just do something different to make your space stand out to you.

Go Marie Kondo

It benefits you nothing to have the best furniture, a working color palette, and well-executed style but your house is disorganized. So, get rid of the clutter.

An aesthetically pleasing home is clean, tidy, and decluttered to represent exactly what it is. If you struggle with decluttering to keep your home organized, follow Marie Kondo to learn tips for a well-organized and relaxing home. Her KonMari method entails dividing the tidying process into categories to make the tidying process easy and enjoyable. Always get rid of items you do not need and keep only those that bring you joy. 

Another tip to always stay organized is to clean up after every activity instead of waiting to do it later. Keeping your home tidy and clean will leave your space always looking good and fresh.

Always Update Items in Your Space

Always strive for timeless items. Items that will always look good and stylish years after they were bought. But even then, you still need to keep your home up to date by replacing a few things that tend to wear out fast. Things like soft furnishings have a great impact on the overall look of your space so they need to stay updated.

You may also try out certain new trends you like just to keep up with what is new in the market. Not to say go with every interior design trend you come across on the gram because some are fleeting. Be selective and find a trend that will not cost you much to redo when it finally becomes outdated. 

Having a home that is up to date is refreshing compared to having a space that is stuck in a certain era that you cannot even relate with.

Final Thoughts

Creating an aesthetically pleasing home starts with knowing what you love. It takes creativity, you have to be intentional with what you pick out and maintain it so that it looks good always. It makes your home something that you love.

The tips in this article should help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing home with ease. Get inspired by interior design enthusiasts on Pinterest and Instagram so that you learn a few tips on how to bring your design to life.

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