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“Yeah, They’re Gonna Be Single Forever: 10 Things Men Do That Impacts Their Relationships”

More than ten thousand users on a popular forum weighed in after one user asked, “Men of Reddit, what is something that other men do that makes you say ‘yeah, they’re gonna be single forever’?” Here are their raw and unfiltered responses.

Poor Hygiene

Poor Hygiene.
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Poor hygiene can be a turn-off for potential partners and may contribute to difficulties in relationships. Poor hygiene can include bad breath, body odor, unkempt hair and nails, and dirty clothing. One user emphasized, “Smell is important, clean your behinds and change your nasty socks.”

Pathological Liar

Pathological Liar.
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Pathological lying is a serious issue that can negatively impact relationships. This behavior can erode trust in relationships and make it difficult for others to believe or connect with the person. Who wants to be with someone who they can’t trust?

Doesn’t Accept Responsibility

Doesn’t accept Responsibility.
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Blaming others for one’s mistakes, refusing to apologize, and failing to take steps to make amends can erode trust and respect in relationships, and can make it difficult for others to feel heard and validated. In some cases, not accepting responsibility can be a sign of a larger issue, such as low self-esteem or a lack of emotional intelligence.

His House Is a Biohazard

His House is a Biohazard.
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It is true that being excessively messy can be a turn-off for potential partners. Being messy includes leaving dirty dishes and clothes lying around, not cleaning up after oneself, and having a disorganized living space. This behavior can make others feel uncomfortable and can create a sense of chaos and stress in the relationship. One user shared a story…“Not kidding the military had to call in special cleaners for his room when he left his last base, and I saw his apartment at this new location, it’s horrific.”


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Sexist behavior can include making derogatory comments about women, treating women as inferior or objectifying them, and refusing to acknowledge or address gender inequality. This behavior can make others feel disrespected and devalued and create a sense of discomfort and tension in the relationship. One user said, they “make overt sexual remarks, at inappropriate times, to people they do NOT know well enough off for that sort of banter.”

Make Stupid Jokes

Men Make Stupid Jokes.
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What one person finds funny, another may not. But when it comes to stupid or offensive jokes one can easily be turned off. his behavior can make others feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or even insulted, and can create a sense of tension or awkwardness in the relationships. 

Think They Know Women Better Than Women Know Themselves

Men Think They Know Women Better Than Women Know Themselves.
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While not true for all men, there are some men who think they know women better than women know themselves. One user wrote that “Loudly telling women how to be more desirable to men. Usually without provocation” is how they know he’ll be single forever. Another replied, “​​Oh yeah those guys are always fun. You would be so much prettier if you smiled! Yeah I’m sure that’s true but if you didn’t notice you’re not very good at making me smile my guy. Smh.”

Unrealistic Expectations of a Partner

Unrealistic expectations of a partner.
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He has a list and at the top of the list is “She has to be a 8/10 or higher ([even though] he was a 3 or 4 if we are calling 5 average)”

Poor Mindset, Don’t Take Chances

Poor Mindset.
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“I’d say the thing that most keeps men out of long term happy relationships tends to be a lack of self awareness, in however that manifests.” Talk about the power of the mind.


handsome man.
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One user begrudgingly said, “Nothing. I’ve watched the absolute worst of the worst still find someone willing to tolerate them. I’ll cross my fingers for the younger generations to draw that line.”

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