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The 12 Biggest Lies Told in Human History

Exposing instances of lies and deception in current events or in their personal lives is important to some people. One user of a popular online forum asked, “What is the biggest “lie” told to people in human history” to understand its influence a little better. 

1. The Terms and Conditions Lie (12.9k Upvotes)

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Coming in at number 1 as the biggest lie told in human history is “I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.” I mean who hasn’t scrolled to the bottom and checked this box. Another user commented “I’m 99% sure I’ve agreed to forfeit my soul to a number of companies.”

2. The We Care Lie (9.2k Upvotes)

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Employee well-being is important. It leads to high productivity, improved morale, and better work environments. So, more and more employers are saying they care, but one user commented that “We are a family and care about our employees” was the biggest lie. Another user wrote, “We’re a family” equals you come in on your days off and occasionally we’ll give you a muffin or something” or as someone else commented “don’t forget offering you a pizza party instead of a raise.” Looks like caring means different things at different places.

3. The Listen Careful Lie (7.7k Upvotes)

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Several users on the forum commented that customer service on the phone is increasingly more painful. How often is “Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed” been true? 

One user commented that the next lie to follow this for pressing 0, is “It appears you’re trying to reach an operator–please note that our automated options will be faster/easier/we don’t want to pay a live person to speak to you please don’t make us/etc.”

Of course, many users commented that companies have been saying these same lines every day for up to 20 years.

4. The Calculator Lie (6.0k Upvotes)

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Coming in at number is the “You won’t always have a calculator.” Although this isn’t completely false, it’s pretty close. With smart phones we have quick access to the calculator, but who wants to open their phone to figure out how much change to give someone. One user also commented that “… if you’re in a math-heavy field, you could absolutely carry your calculator around, lol. I had one at my desk for work for years because I was quicker with it than a computer!”

5. Hot Singles Lie (5.8k Upvotes)

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All over the internet, we’re seeing advertisements for dating apps and one user said the biggest lie is “There are hot singles in my area dying to meet me.” Another user challenged this with, “No that’s real. Don’t tell me you ignored it? Those poor singles are probably dead now and never got to meet you.” Another said, “They even follow me when I move to a different state.”

6. Your Baby Is Beautiful Lie (4.3k Upvotes)

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Coming in at number 6 from one user was “Your baby is beautiful.” But are they really? Another user said, “He really is breathtaking” to emphasize the degree of deception. Can’t say we’ve ever seen a breathtaking baby. Sure, we all love our own kids, but regardless, we say “your baby is beautiful” whenever we are approached with someone else’s too.

7. Push Flap to Open Lie (3.9k Upvotes)

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Who hasn’t fell for the “Push Flap to Open” on the Kraft Mac and Cheese box as one user pointed out (3.9K upvotes). There’s almost nothing more challenging and frustrating than trying to get open any cardboard box with push perforations like pancake mix, broth, candy boxes, and more.

8. Work Hard Lie (3.6k Upvotes)

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We’ve all been told, “If you work hard, you’ll have a good happy life” and over 3.6 users agreed. It’s just not true. Work, money, fame don’t equate to a good, happy life. Happiness is linked to experiences, meaningful relationships, and health.

9. Looks Don’t Matter Lie (2.3k Upvotes)

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One user commented that the biggest lie is “looks don’t matter.” Validating this lie, another user said, “I use to weigh nearly 300lbs, have since dropped to a healthy 170. The difference in how I was treated by other people was night and day. Job interviews I would do when I was 300lbs would be awkward and uncomfortable, yet at 170lbs interviewers are hanging onto my every word even if I’m just giving them an answer. You will have doors fling open for you if you’re attractive. Another user added, “I know it’s not quite the same but I assure you I had the exact same experience once I grew a beard. The way I was treated was definitely noticeable.” To some it looks like looks matter.

10. Cancel the Subscription Lie (1.6k Upvotes)

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One user thought, “Yes, I will remember to cancel the subscription just before the free trial ends” was the biggest lie with 1.6k upvotes. We’re all guilty of getting a subscription and forgetting to cancel before getting the dreaded renewal receipt. The bigger lie is probably, “I already cancelled it” or “I thought I cancelled it and want to cancel it now.”

11. The Learn Cursive Lie (1.2k Upvotes)

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More than 1.2k users upvoted the biggest lie as, “…you have to learn cursive because that’s how adults write.” While you definitely need to be able to read, saying that’s how adults write isn’t true. Most adults write in print or some combination of print and cursive or they’re using their computer to write something electronically in print. The days of elegant cursive writing are gone for most people. And the next generation appears to be more tech and AI centered anyways.

12. Money Won’t Make You Happy Lie (1.3k Upvotes)

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Topping off our list is “money won’t make you happy.” Of course, if we had more, we’d be in a better position to make that call.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of the biggest lies in history. This post was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Practigal Blog. 

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