An example of a stylish back-to-school capsule wardrobe for girls. Use this example of a stylish back-to-school capsule wardrobe for girls to help you create one for your own daughter, saving you tons of time and energy!

Stylish 2022 Back-to-School Girls Capsule Wardrobe

Well, it feels crazy to say this, but it’s back-to-school time again! Here in Minnesota, we are starting the transition from spending lots of fun (and sometimes lazy) time outdoors to the busyness that is fall. School and activities start back up, and I think that most of us are both excited and somewhat dreading it.

To help you with back-to-school shopping, I’ve started my capsule wardrobe series with two posts about capsules for kids. I hope that you find these posts super helpful as you try to make more intentional purchases this year.

In my first post, I walked you through exactly how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for your child. (One they will actually love and wear!) If creating a capsule for kids is new to you, make sure you start with that post. 😉

Also, if you are looking for help with creating your own capsule, head to my post on how to “create a capsule wardrobe in 5 steps”.

Today, I’m going to share a real-life example of a capsule wardrobe for girls to help inspire you in creating one for your own daughter. I chose to use my middle daughter as an example because she doesn’t receive hand-me-downs, and her wardrobe is the most versatile.

My son also doesn’t have any hand-me-downs since he’s my oldest and the only boy, but he pretty much just wears athletic wear all. the. time. Anyone else have problems convincing your son to wear anything but??? I guess that’s the style right now, so I (mostly) don’t argue.

Why Have a Capsule Wardrobe For Your Kids?

One of the main reasons I felt good about creating a capsule wardrobe for each of my kids is the fact that they usually wear the same handful of things over and over anyway! They each had their go-to favorites that got a lot of use and other clothing that just sat in their closet and drawers for apparently no reason.

So, between all of the laundry I was doing and the fact that I was wasting my money buying them more clothes than they really needed, I decided a capsule wardrobe was the way to go!

The tricky part was creating a capsule wardrobe WITH them since my kids are all in grade school and have strong opinions about what they like to wear. (Again, check out my last post for tips on how to work with your child on this.)

Without further ado, let’s jump into what a capsule wardrobe for girls might look like…

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What’s Included in a Girls Capsule Wardrobe?

With my middle daughter, I was able to create a pretty traditional capsule wardrobe that’s extremely versatile. That’s because she isn’t too picky about what types of clothing she wears. She likes dresses, skirts, jeans, and leggings, so that makes it so much easier.

For your girl’s capsule wardrobe, it may look different if their tastes are more specific, they live a different lifestyle, or you live somewhere with a very different climate.

In Minnesota, we experience all four seasons to their extremes, so this capsule should work for the whole school year (fall to spring). I chose not to include outerwear such as winter coats and boots since that isn’t usually part of the mixing-and-matching of a capsule wardrobe.

Use the following example as inspiration, but feel free to purchase anything that’s perfect for your daughter!

Here is what I have included in this example of a girls capsule wardrobe:

  • T-shirts (5)
  • Tops (2)
  • Jeans (1)
  • Colored pants (1)
  • Leggings (3)
  • Skirt (1)
  • Dress (1)
  • Sweatshirt (1)
  • Cardigan sweater (1)
  • Jacket (1)
  • Tennis shoes (1)
  • Sneakers (1)
  • Boots (1)
  • Flats (1)

Girls Capsule Wardrobe 2022

Here is just one example of what a girl’s capsule wardrobe might look like. I’ve chosen pieces that can mix-and-match easily to make the wardrobe as versatile as possible. It’s even more versatile because pieces can be dressed up and down depending on where your child is going!

Whether you need a little girl capsule wardrobe or one for an older girl, this example will give you some inspiration.

Tops and Tees for Girls

I selected tops and tees in one color scheme so that they could be mixed and matched with almost everything else in the capsule. For neutrals, I chose white and black. For accent colors, I chose pink and aqua blue.

In order to make it most versatile, I included mostly solid-colored tees and tops with a couple of graphic tees in the mix. You could add more interesting patterns or more dressy tops if that’s what your daughter likes.

Girls Capsule Wardrobe: Tops and Tees
  1. Pink Off-the-Shoulder Top
  2. Aqua Tee
  3. White Basic Tee
  4. Gray Graphic Tee
  5. Black Basic Tee
  6. Peach Graphic Tee
  7. Aqua Long-Sleeve Tee

Pants and Leggings for Girls

For bottoms, I included mostly leggings since that seems to be more popular for young girls right now. To make it more versatile, I only added neutral-colored bottoms. You could include fun colored pants or leggings to change it up!

Girls Capsule Wardrobe: Pants and Leggings
  1. Black Leggings
  2. Gray Leggings
  3. Blue Jeggings
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. Black Pants

Skirts and Dresses for Girls

For the skirt, I chose black so that it goes with all of the tops and tees. It can be dressed up with or down! For the dress, I decided to go with one of the fun accent colors since it only needed to coordinate with the outerwear and shoes below.

Girls Capsule Wardrobe: Skirts and Dresses
  1. Black skirt
  2. Green/Blue Floral Dress

Outerwear for Girls

For outerwear, I chose three different types: a hoodie, a cardigan, and a jacket. All of these are neutral so that they go with most of the other pieces in the capsule!

Girls Capsule Wardrobe: Outerwear
  1. Black Zip-Up Hoodie Sweatshirt
  2. Gray Cardigan
  3. Blue Jean Jacket

Footwear for Girls

For footwear, I stuck with neutral colors (black and gray) to keep it simple. The other way that I made it versatile was by including four different types of shoes. Any outfit you can put together with the clothing above will look good with AT LEAST one pair of these shoes.

Girls Capsule Wardrobe: Footwear
  1. Black Ballet Flats
  2. Light Gray Sneakers
  3. Charcoal Gray Boots
  4. Black/Pink Athletic Shoes

Outfits From This Girls Capsule Wardrobe

Here are just some of the outfits that can come together with all of the clothing I put together in a capsule. Hopefully, this helps you see how a smaller girl capsule wardrobe can go a LONG WAY!

I hope this example of a stylish back-to-school capsule wardrobe for girls will help you create one for your own daughter. You can seriously save yourself so much time, money, space, and energy during the busy back-to-school season by having a capsule wardrobe for your child.

Will you be creating a capsule wardrobe with your child? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. What a cute collection of clothes! This is a great idea all around. I try to have a capsule wardrobe while traveling, but I’m not good at doing it in everyday life. I certainly never thought to create one for kids! Thank you for the recommendations.

    1. Glad you like it, Kristen! It’s simple, but exactly what my daughter would actually wear. Having a capsule for traveling is a great place to start and helps you appreciated the concept. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Let me know if you decide to go the capsule route. I’m happy to help! 😊

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