Healthy spinach and cheese Italian lasagne topped with crispy cheese with roasted tomatoes served on a spatula for a tasty lunch or meal.

14 Best Cuisine Fusions to Tickle Your Tastebuds

From taco pizza to wonton tacos, fusion dishes can open people’s eyes to the culinary possibilities that unfold when you crisscross cuisines.

Things like sushi burritos and ramen burgers are somewhat well-known as enjoyable fusion dishes, but there are way more, many of which have yet to be discovered. All it takes to create these fusion foods is an open mind and two mouthwatering cuisines.

These are some of the most remarkable cuisine combinations, where different flavors come together to create curious and captivating dishes.

Indian & Traditional American

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The richness of Indian cuisine can do wonders to elevate traditional American foods, like hot dogs and hamburgers. You can amp up the flavor and heat in a typically flame-grilled burger with garam masala seasoning.

Alternatively, adding American ingredients, like meatballs, to Indian dishes, like curry, combines cozy textures with fiery flavors that excite your palate.

Mexican & Japanese

Raw Homemade Salmon Sushi Burrito with Seaweed Cucumber and Carrots.
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Mexican cuisine has a beautiful simplicity to it that is often adulterated by other fusions. However, the intricacies and complexity of Japanese cuisine play well with Mexican dishes.

Miso tacos, sushi burritos, and birria ramen are just some of the fascinating dishes that can come from this pair. We also love the idea of Mexican foods neatly arranged in a traditional bento box!

American BBQ & German

Young couple sitting at the table eating hot dogs on the nature outdoors.
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Interestingly, American BBQ actually has roots in German cuisine, so while this isn’t the most common fusion, it’s entirely logical. One of the best ways to bring these cuisines together is to add smokiness to German foods, whether through liquid smoke or a cooking technique.

We can combine elements from traditional American potato salad with warm German potato salads. We can elevate any hot dog by using authentic German mustard and sauerkraut.

Greek & Italian

Healthy spinach and cheese Italian lasagne topped with crispy cheese with roasted tomatoes served on a spatula for a tasty lunch or meal.
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Greek and Italian cuisines both use vibrant and fresh ingredients. In fact, they both place a massive emphasis on ingredient quality over anything else. They also seem to naturally lend themselves to one another.

Something like a spanakopita lasagna or bruschetta made with Greek salad ingredients captures this combination perfectly. Dessert fusions also work well here, like a cannoli-inspired baklava!

French & Vietnamese

Vietnamese family home cook_ fresh spring rolls, pomelo salad with pork_prawn, pork stewed in pepper_spring oninion, stir-fried tiger prawn with vegetables, rice, cane juice, cocktail.
Image Credit: ngoc tran and Shutterstock

Many Vietnamese dishes directly draw influence from French cuisine, so this is an easy fusion to get on board with. Both feature hearty stews, delicate omelets, and sandwiches with fresh bread.

We love this combination because Vietnamese techniques and elements can ground the often ostentatious nature of French food. Some high-end French food and flavors can feel grandiose, so this fusion makes fancy dishes more accessible.

Nordic & Japanese

Hands of an executive woman taking sushi with bamboo sticks. An executive woman is serving herself sushi with a glass of wine.
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Some of the fusions on our list aren’t quite mainstream yet, but this one already has its own name: Japandi. Japanese culture and the Nordic mindset already align when it comes to interior decorating, so combining their cuisines is a breeze. And the result is elegant deliciousness.

Japanese flavors like yuzu and sesame complement Nordic ingredients, like dill potatoes. This fusion is profound and irresistible in every way: visually, texturally, and flavorfully.

Korean & Polish

The process of making traditional kimchi.
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Something like kimchi kielbasa might catch you off guard, but we promise this is a culinary adventure you’ll enjoy. Korean food has a certain zest and boldness that matches the robustness of Polish cuisine. However, they seem to fill in the gaps for one another.

Polish food can sometimes lack acid or herbs, while Korean food isn’t usually gamey like Polish food. When you bring these elements together, you can achieve a compelling depth of flavor like never before.

American Southern & Nepalese

Dal Bhat. traditional Nepalese food.
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This one is a little out there but stay with us. The possibilities here are vast, giving Southern classics an Asian flair and Nepalese dishes a cozier profile.

We imagine chicken and wo (a Nepalese pancake) instead of chicken and waffles would be transcendent. Samosas stuffed with collard greens, macaroni and cheese with duck meat, or cornbread with Nepalese herbs could all represent these cuisines equally.

Chinese & Traditional American

Glazed chicken wings drumstick.
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While there are plenty of Americanized Chinese dishes, this fusion is a little different. Rather than inject extra fat, sugar, and oil into Chinese dishes, this fusion uses more authentic Chinese foods.

Dishes like mapo meatballs, Peking chicken, and cheeseburger dumplings can be more unique and mouthwatering than one might think. When you let the two cuisines authentically shine together, the result is a truckload of flavor and warmth.

Persian & Brazilian

A healthy relish or salsa with pomegranate, avocado, red onions, black beans and cilantro served with corn chips.
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Persian and Brazilian fusion is on the rise right now, so you can be the first one to tell your friends about it and be that foodie friend who is “in the know.” These fusion dishes are revolutionary, combining vibrant fruity flavors with hearty meat and seasoning.

Some of our favorite examples are pomegranate salsa, eggplant borani, and chocolate cardamom cake. Persian food uses bright and sharp flavors that complement the meaty and spicy intensity of Brazilian cuisine.

Cajun & Indian

Prawns tikka marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. Indian dish served in a platter.
Image Credit: RSH_GRAPHICS and Shutterstock.

Very slowly, Cajun and Asian fusion restaurants are popping up. But we want to highlight Indian and Cajun fusions specifically, as these two cuisines play very well together.

Cajun shrimp masala, eggplant jambalaya, butter chicken po’boys, catfish biryani, and other innovative dishes showcase the potential of this fusion. Both cuisines are zesty and hot in their own ways, creating fireworks in your mouth.

American Seafood & Thai

Coconut Fish Chowder.Asian cuisine.
Image Credit: Fanfo and Shutterstock

Frankly, American seafood and Thai food are two of the easiest cuisines to fuse with others, not just each other. While they both fit with other cuisines, we think they truly shine when together.

A lobster roll topped with papaya salad, mussels in green curry, coconut clam chowder, or basil crab cakes are just a few combinations that excite our tastebuds. Bold and complex Thai flavors effortlessly elevate the fresh simplicity of American seafood.

Italian & Spanish

Spanish paella dinner on the table.
Image Credit: bezikus and Shutterstock

Italian and Spanish food is a match made in heaven. Both cuisines use fresh ingredients and have an affinity for rich and warm flavors.

They both use fish, bread, rice, and plenty of herbs and always have a scrumptious dessert at the end. Spicy tomato tapas, paella linguini, jamon carbonara, and tiramisu-inspired flan are some examples of how magical this duo can be.

Mexican & Filipino

filipino pork adobo in bowl with bay leaves close up.
Image Credit: Joshua Resnick and Shutterstock

Also known as Mexipino, this culinary fusion feels natural, like Japandi. Some spectacular fusion dishes include okoy fish tacos, adobo huevos rancheros, chilaquiles lumpia, and churro-inspired bibingka.

These kinds of dishes combine Filipino cuisine’s habit of melding sweet, sour, and salty ingredients with Mexican food’s bold spiciness. Both these cuisines are simultaneously simple and sophisticated, and together, they elevate one another while remaining humble.

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