If clutter is stressing you out and keeping you from doing the things you want, or if you're embarrassed to have people over to your house, it's time to declutter. Find out the 3 easy steps to declutter an entire room efficiently so that it only takes you an hour...or less!

Declutter an Entire Room in 1 Hour (in 3 Easy Steps!)

Is your home out of control? Is it impossible to keep up with the mess? Are you never able to get around to cleaning, because you spend all of your time picking up?!

If this is you, you need to declutter your home!

The clutter is stressing you out and keeping you from doing the things you want. Not only that, but you’re embarrassed to spontaneously have people over, even people who know you well because you never have time to clean, let alone pick up all of your family’s stuff.

The fact is, if you can’t keep up with all of your stuff, then you have too much of it.

Don’t think about what your best friend has on her plate and seemingly can handle. Don’t think about the fact that your neighbor has a cabin and a boat and still seems to be able to have time to work full-time AND keep their yard looking immaculate.

Whatever you think others are able to handle doesn’t matter. You need to focus on yourself and your life.

First of all, you might be (and probably are) wrong about what others seem to be able to handle so well. And second, what they are doing doesn’t matter. You need to find what works for you and your family so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

How to Start Decluttering

But, maybe you already know that you need to declutter, but you just don’t know where to start. That’s where this post comes in. Once you pick a room to start in, you can declutter an entire room in just 1 hour…or less!

The key to figuring out how to declutter is to just start. You will get better at it as you go. Over time, you will be able to declutter more efficiently so that what used to take you all day will take you less than an hour!

I’m here to get you to that point…faster.

Keep reading to find out exactly how to declutter a room quickly and easily! This is seriously the best way to declutter a room.

How to Declutter an Entire Room in 1 Hour

You can declutter an entire room in under an hour, no matter how messy the room is. To declutter an entire room in 1 hour, you need simply need to prepare, sort, and remove the clutter from your home.

Here is how to declutter your room easily and quickly:

1. Prepare to declutter.

First, in order to prepare to declutter an entire room, you have to start with the right mindset. If you already know that your clutter is stressing you out, you are ready to declutter. And if you know there are things in a room that you don’t love or need, you are ready to begin…today.

Second, you must have sorting supplies. I like to have one box for things to sell, one box for things to donate, and a garbage bag for trash. Grab whatever you want to use to sort…garbage bags, boxes, plastic totes, an empty laundry basket…whatever you have will work.

2. Sort any items you don’t love or use.

This is the actual decluttering part. Here is how you declutter an entire room in a nutshell:

You look at every single thing in the room and make a few decisions.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you love it?
  • Do you use it?

If the answer to either question is no, it’s an item you should declutter.

Now that you know it needs to go, the next decision you need to make is whether you want to try to sell the item, donate the item, or throw away/recycle the item.Β Obviously, you’ll want to sell or donate items in good condition, and trash anything in poor condition.

I would recommend attempting to sell anything that’s in good condition. After all, who wouldn’t like to get a little extra cash?

I like to sell my unwanted items to people locally on Facebook Marketplace, but you could sell them on Craigslist, eBay, or whatever you like. Or maybe you plan to have a garage sale later this year, and you can simply start a pile for that.

I’ve been very surprised by some of the items I’ve been able to sell. People have different tastes and styles, as well as different items they are in the market for. I’m in the camp that if you could use the money, you may as well see if you can sell something…even if you only make $1. Those dollars add up!

Once you make these decisions, put items in the appropriate box, bin or bag.

***Some tips to help you declutter an entire room most efficiently:***

  • Start with an area of frustration. This ensures you get the most important and biggest job done first!
  • From there, move CLOCKWISE around the room and go from top to bottom. This eliminates wasting time on deciding what to look at next or trying to remember what you’ve already done. It also helps you see how far you’ve come and how much you have left!

3. Remove the clutter from your home.

You decluttered an entire room, now what?!

Now, you remove the clutter from your home, or at the very least, your sight.

For instance, if you are saving items for a garage sale later in the year, put your items in the garage, basement, closet, or storage room so that they don’t continue to clutter your living space. Do the same with any items you are selling online.

Throw away and recycle the items in poor condition right away. If you are donating any items, drop them off immediately or schedule a pickup at your home.

Finally, if you are selling any items online, post them right away and include a detailed, accurate description of the item. This will increase the item’s chances of selling.

A quick note on maintenance:
In order to maintain your newly decluttered room, you need to commit to not adding anything new to it.

Communicate the new standard with your family, showing them how you would like the room to continue to look. Take pictures if you have to.Β Remind the people living with you to pick up after themselves, and make sure you do the same!

Get Your Decluttering Checklist!

Sign up for my emails to get a FREE decluttering checklist. Now that the clutter in one room is gone for good, you are able to move on to the next room that needs it.

Why You Need This Decluttering Checklist:

  • It will help you break down decluttering your home into smaller, more manageable goals.
  • You will quickly and easily see how much decluttering is left and how far you’ve come.
  • You will be able to stay motivated during the process of decluttering your home when you see how much you’ve accomplished!

You can easily declutter an entire room in under an hour, as long as you have the right mindset! Decluttering a room requires a little preparation and planning, but it can be done quickly and efficiently.

In order to declutter an entire room in 1 hour, you simply need to prepare, sort, and remove the clutter.

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  1. As you declutter your rooms one thing I have found that helps save a ton of time, if you are planning a rummage, is to quick put a price sticker on every item as you box it up. That way you have little prep in order to have your rummage and the marking items does not become a huge week long task πŸ™‚

    1. That’s a great tip, Renita! Thanks for sharing that with us. It’s true, the fewer times you “handle” an item the better when it comes to working efficiently. So do you write the price on the sticker then too? Or maybe you get the pre-priced stickers?

  2. Great advice to successfully be able to declutter a room.. I also really like your suggestion of making sure not to add anything new to the room after you have organized it. Easier said than done sometimes, especially in a small space, but so effective if you can lower the clutter over the long-term!

  3. As someone that’s constantly re-organizing her room, this was a must-read! Especially the tip on not adding new things to your room right after decluttering it which is probably my biggest habit that I need to get rid of!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mikayla! You are not alone in this…I think that’s the struggle of most. That’s why it is so important for us to have a maintenance plan. After all, we are the ones who made it cluttered in the first place. πŸ˜‰ We need to change our habits.

  4. Nothing makes me happier than decluttering and either giving stuff away or throwing stuff away . Having too much stuff is way too overwhelming and I just literally can not function . I take one room at a time . It usually is my closet that gives me the most hell as i never know what to throw away and what to keep .

    1. Thanks! Are you referring to the decluttering checklist? I guess I just love checking things off a list so I can see all of the progress I’ve made. πŸ˜‰

  5. We did the big downsize a couple years ago. Twelve acre farm with 20 years of horse gear, etc., down to a 2 bedroom apartment. You’re right, it is amazingly freeing and cleanup is a breeze.

    1. Oh wow! I’m glad you are seeing the benefits in real life, Debrah. 😊

  6. when Im going through stuff to donate I tag each bag or box with how much Its “worth” for tax write off purposes then when they leave the final tag on my door I know how much to put next to each section.

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