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18 Bathroom Items You Can Toss for a Cleaner, Clutter-Free Space

Bathrooms serve as hubs for bustling morning rituals, nightly routines, and essential private functions. However, amidst this flurry of activity, clutter and dust inevitably accumulate.

In the limited space of the bathroom, every inch counts. Clearing out outdated or redundant items will clean, organize, and streamline your space to make your daily routine easier and more efficient. Here are 18 bathroom items to toss for a more functional bathroom today.

1. Expired Perfumes/Colognes

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Check the expiration dates of your perfume or cologne in the bathroom. If your perfume is past its prime date, toss it. The fragrance becomes fainter in smell over time. 

Moving forward, only buy your favorite perfumes that make you feel special and save the money on stuff you weren’t using anyway.

2. Expired Medications

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Rummage through the medicine in the cabinet and get rid of expired medications. Expired medications and supplements may lose their effectiveness or even become harmful over time. It’s important to regularly check expiration dates and safely dispose of any expired products to avoid potential health risks.

You do not want to throw your medications in the trash; you must dispose of them properly. Create a pile and then check with your local town to find out when you can have a medicine drop-off to throw away unused medications. 

3. Extra Toiletry Items

woman smelling toiletry item.
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Skincare products, such as creams, serums, lotions, body wash, shampoo, and hair products lose their potency over time and may even harbor bacteria, leading to skin irritation or breakouts. Tossing old, nearly empty, empty, or expired skincare products ensures you’re using effective and safe products on your skin.

4. Old Toothbrushes

woman brushing teeth.
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Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months, or if you are sick, replaced after feeling better. Look for toothbrushes that have frayed bristles or look overall worn. Toss and replace for healthy oral hygiene and maintenance.

If you like to have fresh toothbrushes on hand, keep them in an airtight container so they do not collect dust or bacteria. You will also want to toss toothpaste that has been open for an extended time.

5. Old and Unused Makeup

Make up on counter lipstick brush.
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Like skincare products, makeup, and cosmetics have a shelf life and can expire over time. Using expired makeup can lead to skin irritation, eye infections, or other adverse reactions, so it’s important to regularly check expiration dates and discard any old or expired products.

Go through your makeup supplies and remove expired items or makeup you might not use anymore. This will make applying your makeup more straightforward, with fewer items to scour through as you get ready for the day.

6. Expired or Extra Sunscreen

Woman putting on sunscreen
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While sunscreen helps protect against harmful UV rays, you need to ensure it is still good before you slather it on for a day at the pool or hike you have planned. Check the expiration dates and toss expired bottles.

I also check bug spray, aloe vera, and other items you will apply to your skin when you head outdoors. Make a list of items you will need to replace so you have them ready when you need them. 

7. Broken or Unused Hair Accessories

woman organizing brushes amenities in bathroom.
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Nothing is worse than reaching for a hair tie to find it is stretched out and won’t keep your hair in place. Look through your items, dispose of worn accessories, and create a clean and organized area to store your supplies.

Consider small containers with lids for items like bobby pins, hair ties, etc. That way, they stay in place, and when you need a hair tie, you know exactly where they are.

8. Empty Containers

woman organizing drawer toiletries in bathroom.
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Look in your storage and remove empty items, from dryer sheet boxes to hand soaps and bath supplies. You might be surprised by empty bottles tossed back into the cabinet instead of the trash.

I also look at my storage containers, and for any that might be broken, I replace them with a new container to help keep items organized and create a practical storage solution.

9. Worn Towels and Washcloths

Woman organizing putting away wash clothes in bathroom.
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After some use, your towels and washcloths might have seen better days. You can replace them with new ones and save the old ones for cleaning or dusting in your home.

Or let your spouse take the old ones out to the shop to clean up messes. Then, they can toss them out once used, as they are already old and worn.

10. Old Toilet Brush and Holder

Interior of white bathroom with toilet bowl and chest of drawers.
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Toilet brushes need to be replaced every few years. They can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so I always recommend buying new ones and replacing them regularly. If you find yours worn or have had it for quite some time, toss it and replace it with a new one. The same goes for the container in which you store your toilet brush.

11. Free Samples

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Do you sign up or get free samples of items throughout the year? Perhaps you have trial-size creams and face wash from the makeup stores. Those little packets can become clutter and truly take up space. Remove the ones you will not use or gift them to someone who might use them.

If you plan to use the items, then place them in areas where you see them and can get the laundry soap samples used up and throw away the little packaging that can make your bathroom look a bit cluttered.

12. Old Pumice Stones

Pumice stone on a bathroom table.
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Do you use a pumice stone for your toilet? The stone’s grit can break down over time, preventing it from scrubbing away hard water stains and exfoliating the areas you need. So if you have had it for around 6 months to a year, you might check to see if it is still working correctly. If not, toss and replace it with a new one.

13. Old Nail Polish and Supplies

Female hands doing nail polish in coral color with summer bracelets.
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If you paint your nails, go through your supplies. From expired or dried-up nail polishes to used nail files. Old supplies collect dust and grime over time and must be replaced with new ones.

14. Old or Used Razors

Toothbrushes and a Razor in a ceramic cup on a sink counter.
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Do you have razors that sit in your shower and get used often? You will find razors can become dull or even rust over time. Make sure you replace every 1-2 weeks if you are a person who shaves daily. Or if you only shave a few times a week, you can stretch to 4-6 weeks, depending on the quality of the razor.

15. Loofas

woman standing in organized bathroom holding wooden brush loofah.
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Loofas and sponges for the shower and bath must be switched out each month. They can collect a lot of bacteria sitting in the shower with steam and water on them, which can then sit and dry until the next time you use them.

16. Bath Toys

Picking up bath toys in soapy water.
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If you have little kids who play in the bath often, remove any items showing wear and tear. Make sure there is no water building up in a small hole inside the items, and if you are in doubt of mildew, throw it out.

Also, ensuring that the container you store the toys in can get air is essential to ensure the toys are fully dry and don’t hold water between uses.

17. Reading Material

Stylish interior of modern bathroom with burning candles and magazine.
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The bathroom is humid due to the showers and a breeding ground for bacteria. You need to ensure you change out the magazines, newspapers, etc often. Aim to store books or materials in a cabinet to minimize humidity and bacteria.

18. Old or Unused Hair Tools

Woman doing hair in mirror.
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You used to love using your crimper, but now you are into beachy waves. Get rid of unused hair tools that you are no longer using. If you have a curling iron with cracks in the cord, it might be time to replace it with a new one. 

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