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11 Frugal Hacks That Even Frugal People Think Are Extreme

Saving money is a top priority for many people, and there are countless ways to do it. However, some frugal savers will go to extreme lengths to save a few dollars. One person asked on a popular online forum, “What is something that you do on a regular basis to save money that other frugal individuals may consider extreme?” 

Use a Tea-Light Candle at Night for Light

Tea-Light Candle at Night.
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The original poster started the discussion…”At night, I turn off all the lights in my home and use a huge battery-operated tea-light candle for a source of light, as well as, a strand of battery-operated LED lights in my restroom and kitchen.” One has to wonder how much this would save.

Buy Secondhand Clothes and Shoes

Buy Secondhand Clothes and Shoes.
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One replied, “[I] Buy ALL my clothes secondhand. Most shoes, too.” Another chimed in, “I used to do this but all the thrift shops in my area have gotten ridiculous with resellers grabbing up all the good stuff.” Of course, others said they don’t buy clothes–they just wait for clothes from conferences and gifts or utilize product testing opportunities.

Make Shoes

Make Shoes.
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One goes to the extreme of making shoes. They declared, “I’m into biomechanics, so I make my own shoes. Which sounds super extreme, but it’s rubber, parachord and a hole puncher.”

Measure Electricity for Different Devices

Measure Electricity for Different Devices.
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Multiple replies included testing different devices for electricity usage. One replied, “I did the same, went through every appliance and device in the house, very interesting and worthwhile. My findings in general, kitchen appliances, microwave, kettle, mini oven, coffee machine, coffee grinder, all using zero or next to nothing when not in use. However, some items were using quite significant amounts, multi room sound system, computer, screens, and printer, phone chargers, tv, surround sound amplifier. I’ve saved a lot by only powering those when I’m using them.” Another said, “My internet modem uses 14W 24/7, drives me nuts.”

Cut Lotion Bottles in Half

Cut Lotion Bottles in Half.
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“Cut lotion bottles in half once the pump stops because it’s ‘empty’. Usually like 6-8 more ounces of product in them. I do this with most body products.” Another added, “Yes everything gets cut open and then add water to get the lotion off the side. The slightly watered lotion is good for my kids legs.”

Wash and Reuse Gallong Ziploc Bags

Wash and Reuse Gallong Ziploc Bags.
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One user replied, “I am not sure if this is extreme or not. I wash then reuse gallon-sized ziploc bags.”

Use Powdered Sauces/Marinades/Condiments

Powdered Sauces Marinades Condiments.
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Another explained, “I buy the powdered version of sauces/marinades/condiments instead of liquid so that they last longer (I just use the amount that I need for that day and seal up the rest).”

Maximize Shower Water

Maximize Shower Water.
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One admitted, “When I turn on my shower to shower, while I’m waiting for the water to get warm enough, I’ll catch the cold water into a pitcher and use it to water plants and/or make tea. I’m probably saving all of a penny, but it also reminds me to water my plants and/or keep hydrated.”

No Spend Challenges

No Spend Challenges.
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Multiple users spoke about not spending money for a specific amount of time. Someone started the conversation with “I have a no-spend weekend once a month. And regular no-spend days.” And another said, “I had a no-spend year once. Was an eye-opening experience.”

Save Paper Napkins

asian woman wiping mouth after meal.
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“When I’m out and they give you extra paper napkins or if I’m at 7-11 and grab extra napkins, I end up taking them home instead of throwing them out or leaving them there because they’ll just throw them out anyway. Haven’t bought paper napkins in a few years.” 

Don’t Eat Out

Don’t Eat Out.
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One frugal said, “I don’t eat at restaurants, don’t do take-out, and do not order in!” Sounds extreme, but perhaps many frugals understand.

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