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15 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Show How Much You Love Dad

Forget about the traditional gifts like ties and socks. This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with something unique and special. We’ve curated a list of funny, off-the-wall, and thoughtful gifts that are sure to make your dad feel loved and appreciated.

But what does that mean? Every Dad has different interests, hobbies, and likes and dislikes. So, what is the perfect gift? For the cook, perhaps a new set of spices, and for the gamer dad, you can never go wrong with a pair of the latest and greatest headphones. 

Are you the favorite child? You will be if you get him one of these gifts.

1. Beef Jerky Subscription Box

beef jerky
Image Credit: Aleksei Isachenko and Shutterstock.

What man doesn’t love beef jerky? Okay, I’m sure there are several, but for the man who loves a fantastic piece of well-spiced, dried meat to nosh on, getting him a subscription to a beef jerky box is bound to make you the most favorite child. 

Multiple companies offer these types of subscriptions, like Craft Jerky Co. If a recurring subscription is too much for Dad, there are always beef jerky bouquets that you can also give. 

2. Lego Sets

star wars lego set
Image Credit: Art_Gants and Shutterstock.

Men love Lego sets. Whether it be a nostalgic memory from their past or they like to build something with their hands, you can’t go wrong with buying a set for Dad if that tickles his fancy.

There are numerous different sets available, too, from Star Wars (always a favorite) to Dr. Who-themed sets, NASA and space ones, and Marvel’s The Avengers set. 

3. Personalized Whisky Decanter Set

whisky decanter set
Image Credit: ClickingHappiness and Shutterstock.

If your father is a fan of whisky or scotch, get him a personalized decanter set to add a touch of class to his man cave or wet bar. Etsy has multiple options in varying price ranges, including the decanter and matching old-fashioned tumbler or low-ball glasses. 

Pairing the set with a bottle of his favorite liquor is always a smooth move that will most definitely win you points for years to come. 

4. Clothing With Kids’ Face(s)

family walking on beach
Image Credit: PeopleImages and iStock

For the goofy dad who loves to regale you with his famous one-liner dad jokes, any piece of clothing with his kids’ faces on it is the perfect gift that will keep on giving. You can get a “Hawaiian-style” shirt or socks with your face plastered all over it. Who wouldn’t want that?

Online retailers like Custom Face Shirt offer a selection of various prints and styles that will be the talk of family reunions for years to come. 

5. Rotisserie Grill Kit

rotisserie grill kit
Image Credit: George Philip and Shutterstock.

You can’t have a Father’s Day gift idea compilation without including at least a couple of grill or grill accessory suggestions– and what better suggestion than a rotisserie grill kit for dear ol’ dad?

This nifty gadget is sure to up his grilling game so much that he actually becomes the “King of the Grill” rather than just proclaiming that he is. Amazon and other retailers offer multiple selections that range in price as well. Before purchasing, be sure to know the make and model of the grill he has so the kit will fit properly. 

6. Safety Razor Kit

safety razor kit
Image Credit: Africa Studio and Shutterstock.

If your father likes to shave the old-fashioned way, getting him a safety razor kit will surely win you some favorite child points. Numerous retailers distribute this item; however, Muhle Shaving is highly recommended. 

The classic 4-piece Pure Badger & Safety Razor Shaving Set costs $135 and includes a shaving brush, comb safety razor, chrome-plated soap dish, and metal stand. It is perfect for someone who doesn’t need anything too fancy but still likes to receive a thoughtful, luxurious gift.

7. Custom Dad Screwdriver

father son fixing toy car
Image Credit: fizkes and Shutterstock.

For the handyman who has every tool under the sun, forget the boring toolbox or new set of screwdrivers, especially when you can get Pops his very own custom, personalized screwdriver. 

Etsy again comes to the rescue for this gem of a gift, but you better hurry because they’re selling fast. 

8. Microbrewing Kit

craft beer display
Image Credit: MaxyM and Shutterstock.

For the dad who loves a cold, frosty mug of beer but doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on beer, why not get him his own microbrewing kit so he can make his own? This gift will keep him busy, for which your Mom will thank you and allow him to test his hand at a new hobby. 

Multiple retailers sell kits; however, Northern Brewers is highly recommended, especially for beginners. They have an assortment of kits starting at $49.99. 

9. Grilling Spice Kit

Various dried spices in glass jars.
Image Credit: Hazal Ak and Shutterstock

Another excellent gift for the dad who loves to grill is a Grilling Spice Kit. Multiple online and in-store retailers sell a variation of these kits. However, we’re big fans of the Burlap & Barrel grill collection. 

They offer a four or 7-piece set that includes both dry and wet rubs with flavors such as noble sweet paprika and purple stripe garlic. 

10. Beer Holster Belt

father son drinking beer
Image Credit: Dusan Petkovic and Shutterstock.

No Father’s Day is complete without at least one silly gift, and the Beer Holster Belt delivers. Pair it with the microbrewing kit, and you have one superb gift for dad.

You can choose an 80s-themed belt with neon colors and design or a standard, boring black one. I personally think you should go with the neon one.  

11. “I Am Your Father” Schwag

darth vader star wars
Image Credit: Stefano Buttafoco and Shutterstock.

If Dad is a Star Wars fan, the perfect gift is any item that says “Luke, I am your father” on it. There are T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, signs, and socks to choose from. They even make matching T-shirts and onesies for the new dad with a baby. How can you go wrong with that gift?

12. Leather or Wooden Valet Tray

leather valet tray
Image Credit: nazarovsergey and Shutterstock.

Leather or wooden valet trays make fantastic gifts for Dad. You can customize them with his initials, a poem from the children’s perspective, or a message about how you’re the favorite child, but that’s your call. Multiple Etsy sellers offer these gifts at various prices, starting as low as $10. 

13. Chair With Built-in Cooler

camping chair cooler
Image Credit: oksana.perkins and Shutterstock.

For the sporty dad who loves to camp but also loves to drink a cold one while communing with nature, a chair with a built-in cooler bag is a top-notch gift idea. Help Dad eliminate having to carry two separate items and give him a gift-in-one.

Retailers from Camping World to Amazon have a wide assortment of these chairs. However, Parkit’s Voyager chair comes highly recommended due to its comfort, style, quality, and price. 

14. Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro Head Rotary Shaver

man shaving bald head
Image Credit: Soloviova Liudmyla and Shutterstock.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Shaver is an excellent gift for the dad who might be thinning up top and hasn’t decided to embrace the inevitable. The razor features an innovative ergonomic handle that will give him an easy and comfortable grip while shaving. Made to be used both in and out of the shower, it will help Dad get smooth in no time at all.

15. Beats Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

man wearing headphones
Image Credit: DenisProduction.com and Shutterstock.

Beats Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones are a great Father’s Day gift for the music lover, gamer, or dad who just wants to block out the noise for a minute.

High-quality headphones are a must, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Beats. With up to 40 hours of battery life, these give a superb audio experience, once again proving you deserve the favorite child title.

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