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13 Must-Have Guest Room Essentials that Every Homeowner Need to Know

Hosting relatives and friends in your home can be fun, but it is also a worry for you as well. Suppose that, despite your efforts and best intentions, visiting guests will still need to spend a night in the guest room of your house? The thing is, a bedroom is an area where people spend most of their time when they are in a house. This is why it has to be properly equipped with everything necessary to make visitors feel comfortable. 

Let us check our 13 must-have aesthetically pleasing guest room essentials that every homeowner needs to know while making the guest room more comfortable than ever before.

13 Essentials for Making a Coziest Guest Room

Guest room essentials are the must-have items that every guest room needs to make your guests feel at home. Here are the top 13 that we use in our guest rooms for a minimalist appearance and vibe:

1. Fresh Soft Linens

Linens are the first thing guests notice when they enter a room, so it’s important to have them looking fresh and inviting. It is the most important thing in any guest room. A person who has been traveling all day is going to want something comfortable and relaxing, and that’s where fresh soft linens come into play. This is especially true if the bed has been used by previous guests. Having fresh sheets that smell amazing will make guests feel pampered and ready for anything.

2. Closet or Storage Space

It’s not always easy to have guests over, especially if you’re a little bit of a neat freak. But one thing that helps is having a place for them to put their stuff! It’s important for every guest room to have enough space for guests’ belongings. This can be a closet or even just a small shelf, but it needs to be somewhere where visitors can put their bags, coats, shoes, and other items when they arrive so they don’t clutter up the rest of the room. 

3. An Area Rug

Area rugs are crucial for guest rooms because they help to give the room a cohesive look and make it feel like a space where people can relax and unwind. They also help to cover up stains from spills or accidents that might happen in the room. Area rugs come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that matches your decorating style perfectly!

4. Pillows and Blankets

When it comes to the essentials for a guest room, you can’t go wrong with blankets and pillows.

Blankets are important because when you have a guest over, they may not be able to bring all their things with them. It’s nice to have a blanket that can provide warmth and comfort without feeling too bulky or unfamiliar.

Pillows are also important because they allow your guests to get comfortable at night. When they’re tired, they don’t want to have to scrape around on the ground looking for something to put behind their back or head, they just want something soft! There are many different kinds of pillows available like down feather pillows, memory foam pillows, cotton pillows, bamboo pillows, etc. so make sure that you have enough for each guest who will be staying in your home.

5. A Comfortable Mattress

A comfortable mattress is essential for any guest room because it’s one of the most important parts of sleeping well. Guests will be much more likely to get a good night’s sleep if their bed is comfortable and supportive, which means they’ll be more refreshed when they wake up in the morning and ready to start their day!

6. A Functional Bathroom with Toiletries

It’s important that every bathroom in your home has all of the amenities needed for guests who are staying over for long periods of time or even just overnight visits. This includes having enough towels available as well as toiletries such as soap or shampoo so that your guests can take care of their personal hygiene needs if they don’t bring their own from home. You also want a clean bathroom because this can lead to keeping germs at bay while being hospitable towards them too!

7. A Reading Chair

Having a reading chair in your guest room is a great way to make your guests comfortable while they’re waiting for their hosts to return. It’s also a great place to sit and read if you’re bored or waiting for them yourself! A reading chair can be used for more than just reading, too: try curling up with a good book and having an afternoon nap.

8. Reading Materials

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book after a long day. So make sure you have plenty of reading material on hand for when your guests come over, whether it’s magazines or books, make sure they’re easily accessible and of high quality so that the experience is enjoyable.

9. A Snack Station

We all know how important food is when you’re feeling sick or stressed out, and that goes double for guests who might be traveling for long periods of time and not eating regularly (or at all). So give them access to snacks that are easy for them to grab when they need them: granola bars, nuts & seeds, cheese cubes… whatever makes sense for your situation! Just make sure there’s enough variety so that each guest will find something they like.

10: Ironing board/iron combo

Having an ironing board and iron combo in your guest room will allow your guests to quickly and easily smooth out any wrinkles in their clothes before going out for dinner or heading off to work the next morning. It’s one of the most frequently used items in any home and can be used for much more than just clothes. This is a must-have if you want your guests to look their best while they’re staying at your place.

11. Nightstands and Lamps

If your guest is going to stay overnight, they’re going to need somewhere to put their phone/keys, a book/magazine, or even a glass of water. A nightstand is also great for keeping track of all those extra things like tissues, mints, chapstick, etc. If your guest room doesn’t have one already, try looking for a matching pair.

Having at least one lamp in each corner of the room will make it feel warmer and more inviting—especially if you choose one with an accent color that matches the rest of your decor (or even just matches other accents in your home).

12. Room Darkening Curtains or Shades

If your room faces the sun, it’s important to provide some shade from the sunlight so that guests can sleep comfortably. Room darkening curtains or shades can help with this problem.

Even if your guests don’t stay over, they’ll still appreciate not having the sun streaming in through their windows during the day. Room darkening curtains can help with that. They’re also great for people who have trouble sleeping because they’re light-sensitive—they’ll be able to sleep better without having to worry about any outside light coming in and waking them up in the middle of the night.

13. A Dedicated Work Area (kinda optional, but very nice to have)

A dedicated work area is one of the most important things you can have in your guest room. It’s a place where your guests can come to do some work or relax, and it should have everything they need. If you’re not sure what those things are, I’ve got you covered!


The desk is the most important part of any guest room. This is where your guests will do all of their work and create new ideas for their business. It should be large enough for them to spread out their papers and notebooks, but small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space. You want to make sure that all of their materials are within easy reach, so you’ll want a good lamp that provides plenty of light.

Chair or Sofa

It’s important that your guest has somewhere comfortable to sit while they’re working on projects or relaxing after long days at the office. A chair or sofa would be perfect for this purpose! If you want to add some extra comfort to the room, consider investing in an ottoman as well—it’s a great place to put your feet up after long days at work!

Final Thought: 

We hope that you enjoyed our list of essentials, and can use this information to spruce up your guest room or plan out your next renovation. While the above products and decor may be useful to a wide range of homeowners, they are by no means an exhaustive list of what may be needed. 

For example, if you have pets, you will likely need a basket in the room so you can put all the pet fur in one place. If you have children in the home, then a few toys might be a great idea so they have something to occupy them while you’re busy attending to your guests.

Still, with these essentials and more on your checklist, you should be much more well equipped to host guests in comfort and style. Keep the room neutral, simple, and decluttered.

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