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How Different Generations Approach Traveling

Everyone has different travel habits, but each generation has distinct travel trends, which show how approaches to vacationing and traveling evolve over time.

Since every generation views the world differently, each has its own reasons to travel, desired destinations, planning habits, and expectations. These generational travel habits shape the industry and offer insight into each generation’s priorities and perceptions.


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Choosing a destination is a major area where generations differ. Boomers often travel to places they’ve already been or places people commonly visit. Gen X is similar.

Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to vacation somewhere unorthodox and off the beaten path. They are also much more likely to travel internationally. Boomers, Gen X, and millennials are the likeliest to go on a cruise.

Booking Habits

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Boomers and Gen X are more likely to engage with businesses directly, while millennials and Gen Z use third-party platforms to book. Gen Z also focuses more on company reviews.

Gen X and millennials are the most likely to travel by car, but all generations fly frequently, with Gen Z flying the most. How they travel strongly correlates with the desired destinations.

Financial Habits

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Everyone wants to save money when they travel, but millennials and Gen X particularly focus on finding deals and pinching pennies. Gen Z is more likely to go into debt to travel and heavily rely on their parents to fund their trips.

Boomers often use cash and take advantage of deals, but not as much as Gen X or millennials. Baby boomers usually spend the most on vacation, but not necessarily on luxury experiences.

Time of Year

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Boomers and Gen X are most likely to travel in the summer. They often take family vacations, so a traditional summer vacation makes sense, as kids will be out of school.

Millennials and Gen Z plan trips throughout the year, sometimes to avoid peak season and save money. Boomers often travel during peak travel times, while Gen X travels on the fringes of these peak times.

Vacation Duration

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Millennials tend to take the longest vacations, and Gen X takes the shortest ones. Boomers travel slightly longer than Gen X, and Gen Z travels a few days longer than they do.

The average vacation duration is ten days, but millennials may go on a trip for as long as three weeks. Gen Z often feels guilty for taking time off for vacations, causing them to book shorter vacations than millennials.

Travel Frequency

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Gen Z and millennials tend to take fewer trips than Gen X and boomers. On average, the former take two or three trips a year, while the latter take four or five trips a year.

This likely has to do with PTO at work and the older generations wanting shorter trips to avoid vacation fatigue. Gen X books the most vacations but takes the fewest vacation days a year, likely due to being in the peak of their careers.

Lodging Choices

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Gen Z is the most likely generation to book a vacation rental. Millennials often opt for high-end accommodations, like all-inclusive resorts or luxury hotels.

Boomers and Gen X are less likely to book nontraditional lodging like hostels or Air BnBs. However, they often look for more affordable options compared to millennials.

Reasons for Traveling

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People travel for all sorts of reasons. Many boomers and millennials will turn work trips into leisure trips and travel for work more often than Gen X or Gen Z. Gen Z mainly travels to sightsee and relax. They also take many culinary-focused trips.

Millennials typically travel to have unique experiences and immerse themselves in new cultures. Boomers go away to unwind, and Gen Xers travel often to spend time with family.

Travel Companions

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Millennials are by far the most likely generation to travel solo, while Gen Xers mostly travel with their families or partners.

Gen Z frequently travels with friends and partners, taking fewer solo or family trips than other generations. Boomers travel with their families or partners and are less likely to take a solo trip unless it’s for business.


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Gen Z and millennials are substantially more spontaneous when it comes to their travel plans. Gen Zers will book their vacation just a month or two in advance, and millennials often book about two months before.

Gen X and boomers book their vacations far in advance, sometimes an entire year ahead. They also book excursions early, while Gen Z and millennials may wait until they arrive to book excursions.


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Millennials want unique and life-changing experiences when they travel, so they often participate in cultural activities and befriend locals. Boomers and Gen X are more likely to focus on top tourist attractions and guided tours.

Boomers book the most excursions in advance. Gen Z books few excursions and instead takes a more laidback approach, sometimes having no concrete plans for the vacation. Gen X and Gen Z are the most likely to do nothing and relax.

Use of Technology

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Using technology while traveling is necessary for many, but Gen Z embraces tech the most while on vacation. Not only do Gen Z and millennials use mobile apps and AI the most to book vacations, but social media and pop culture heavily influence Gen Z’s vacation plans.

Boomers and Gen X will use simple tech to book vacations, but Gen Zers will be embracing the revolutionary virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence tech involved in traveling.

Other Considerations

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Some other aspects of traveling that generations view differently are sustainability, safety, wellness, and authenticity, to name a few. Newer generations prioritize safety over budget and authenticity over popularity.

Younger generations focus more on sustainable travel practices and vacations that cater to their wellness. They may look for hotels with gyms or destinations known for healthy food.

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