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The Most Incredible Waterfalls You Have to Experience in Your Lifetime

Is there anything more majestic than the incredible waterfalls that occur naturally all over the world? With their thunderous cascade and the slow erosion of the earth’s surface, these wonders possess a powerful essence of life that is truly a marvel to behold. 

It’s a thrilling adventure to stand on the edge and witness the gallons of water plummet to the ground below. These wonderful bodies of water are a global attraction, drawing people from all corners of the world to experience their awe-inspiring beauty.

Here are 14 waterfalls that are not just a must-see but a must-experience. They are the epitome of natural beauty and should absolutely be at the top of your bucket list. 

1. Niagara Falls, Canada & USA

niagara falls
Image Credit: Sergii Figurnyi/Shutterstock.

While it may not claim the title of the world’s tallest waterfall, Niagara Falls is a testament to nature’s grandeur. Comprising three waterfalls, the most impressive of them all is Horseshoe Falls. Spanning the border between Canada and the USA, this mighty cascade plummets an impressive 614 feet into the Niagara Gorge. 

For the best viewing experience, head to the Cave of the Winds, located roughly midway between the falls. Here, you’ll descend 175 feet into the gorge, bringing you face to face with the thunderous power of the falls. And don’t worry about getting wet-rain jackets are provided. 

2. Plitvice Falls, Croatia

plitvice falls croatia
Image Credit: Mike Mareen/Shutterstock.

The 16 lakes of Plitvice Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, are a sight to behold. What makes these waterfalls unique are the vibrant hues of blue and green—ranging from aquamarine to emerald and turquoise—visible as the water gracefully slides over limestone and chalk rocks.

The park is a popular destination, drawing in over one million visitors annually. Its picturesque setting, surrounded by a lush green landscape, makes it a perfect spot for social media photos.

3. Angel Falls, Venezuela

angel falls venezuela
Image Credit: Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock.

Angel Falls is Venezuela’s highest waterfall, at 3,212 feet—15 times taller than Niagara Falls. The water from the Churun River plunges freely over a mountain edge into whitewater rapids below, followed by a second 30-meter drop.

Reaching the falls is an adventure in itself. First, take a small plane to the town of Canaima, followed by a one-day boat ride to the falls, and you’ll finally arrive at what can only be described as heaven.

4. Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

sutherland falls new zealand
Image Credit: Piu_Piu/Shutterstock.

Sutherland Falls is New Zealand’s tallest waterfall and offers breathtaking views that are worth the trek. It is located in Fiordland National Park near Milford Sound and cascades over 1,900 feet in three sections.

The falls promise incredible sights, which can be accessed via helicopter tours from Queenstown, Te Anau, or Milford Sound Lodge or by hiking the 33-mile Milford Track.

5. Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

victoria falls
Image Credit: Adwo/Shutterstock.

Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world’s most stunning waterfalls, locally known as “The Smoke that Thunders.” During the rainy season, expect to get soaked on the Zimbabwe side, where the best views are found. 

The Zambia side offers an up-close experience with the 1-mile-wide, 320-foot-deep waterfall. You can even swim in Devil’s Pool at the top of the falls on the Zambian side.

6. Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

iguazu falls brazil
Image Credit: sharptoyou/Shutterstock.

Straddling the border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is the world’s largest waterfall system. It stretches just shy of two miles and features hundreds of individual waterfalls. The water plunges down approximately 230 feet, creating a breathtaking visual and auditory display. 

Enveloped by a lush rainforest, the falls promise a magical, unforgettable experience. Safeguarded within a national park, Iguazu Falls is conveniently accessible from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides, ensuring a hassle-free visit.

7. Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, Vietnam & China

ban gioc waterfall vietnam
Image Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin/Shutterstock.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, known as Detian Waterfall on the Chinese side, is Asia’s largest waterfall. It cascades down three tiers with a vibrant green backdrop and fairytale-like pointed mountains.

Located on the border between China and Vietnam, the Chinese side boasts a drop of over 230 feet and a width of about 656 feet. Fed by the Quay Son River, which divides the two countries, the waterfall’s thunderous roar is genuinely awe-inspiring.

8. Gullfoss, Iceland

gullfoss waterfall iceland
Image Credit: Feel good studio/Shutterstock.

Gullfoss, meaning “golden falls,” is located on Iceland’s Hvita River. The waterfall’s name comes from the glacial sediment that makes the water glow gold in the sunlight. 

The 105-foot-tall falls cascade in two stages at nearly right angles, creating an illusion that the golden waters stretch to the ends of the Earth. Gullfoss is a truly magical sight against Iceland’s lush, green landscape.

9. Yosemite Falls, USA

yosemite falls usa
Image Credit: DragonWen/Shutterstock.

I can recall witnessing the pure power of Yosemite Falls for the first time as a little girl. I had never seen something so magnificent, and that image has stayed with me ever since. It is the tallest waterfall in North America and the fifth-highest in the world, a testament to nature’s grandeur. 

Nestled in the breathtaking Yosemite National Park, it comprises three separate falls, each contributing to its total drop of 2,425 feet. This colossal height creates the illusion of a single massive cascade, a sight that leaves one in awe. Fed by snowmelt, Yosemite Falls unleashes its full power in late spring or early summer. However, it gradually dwindles to a mere trickle as summer marches on. 

10. Shoshone Falls, USA

idaho shoshone falls
Image Credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0/WikiComms

Shoshone Falls, located in Twin Falls, Idaho, is often called the “Niagara of the West.” With a width of 900 feet and a height of 212 feet, it is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the US and even taller than Niagara Falls. 

Situated on the Snake River in a deep basalt canyon, the falls are highly accessible. The nearest parking spot is just 75 feet from the viewing platform. For those who want to explore further, the canyon rim trail offers multiple vantage points from which to admire the falls.

11. Dudhsagar Falls, India

dudshgar falls india
Image Credit:

Dudhsagar Falls, one of India’s tallest and most impressive waterfalls, cascades over 1,000 feet in four tiers and spans nearly 100 feet in width. The water’s speed and force create a “sea of milk” illusion as it plunges into the Mandovi River.

Located in Goa’s Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, the falls are about 37 miles from Panjim and 28 miles from Margao.

12. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Kaieteur Falls guyana
Image Credit: Kid Dog Travel/Shutterstock.

Reaching Kaieteur Falls, hidden deep in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest, requires significant effort, but seeing the world’s highest single-drop waterfall at 741 feet is worth it. 

Regular flights on small planes from Georgetown provide access. It’s a 15-minute walk from the airstrip to the top of the falls, though the best views are often seen from the flight in and out.

13. Ruby Falls, USA

ruby falls usa
Image Credit: Ritu Manoj Jethani/Shutterstock.

Located just outside Chattanooga, Ruby Falls is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public in the USA. Nestled 1,120 feet deep inside Lookout Mountain, visitors access the waterfall by descending 26 stories in an elevator and walking along a cavern path adorned with fascinating geological formations. 

Dropping 145 feet into a pool, Ruby Falls is naturally breathtaking. Its full-color LED light show enhances it, making it a unique attraction.

14. Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Indonesia

Tukad Cepung Falls Indonesia
Image Credit: Denis Moskvinov/Shutterstock.

Situated just outside Ubud, Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of Bali’s most distinctive attractions. Accessible via a scenic jungle trail, which takes about 15 minutes and is suitable for children, the highlight of this waterfall is the mesmerizing play of sunlight filtering through the lush canopy. 

Under perfect lighting conditions, the sun’s rays pierce through the waterfall’s peak. But the experience doesn’t end there. You can also take a dip in the serene pool surrounding the waterfall’s base, adding a refreshing touch to your visit.

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