10 Less Popular Travel Opinions People Hold

Do you have an unpopular travel opinion? You’ve got company. While scrolling the front page of the internet, I encountered the question, “What is your unpopular travel opinion?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. There’s Nothing Wrong With Doing Touristy Things

One person voted, “Nothing wrong doing ‘touristy’ things. There’s a reason things are touristy and fun if you’re a tourist.” Another volunteered, “The double-decker bus tours are great for the first day when you’re jet-lagged. You get to see the lay of the land, but it doesn’t take a lot of brain cells.”

Finally, someone confessed, “I love being a tourist. I have my camera and guidebook, and I don’t care who judges. And sure, some things off the beaten path are great, but I’m also here to see the Eiffel Tower and ride the London Eye.”

2. I Love the Airport

“I love the airport,” one admitted. “Being at the airport gives me main character energy.” Another exclaimed, “Same!! I love watching the planes take off, relaxing in the seats at the gate, getting a drink, and buying a magazine. Airports feel so cozy. I’ve even spent the night there and slept pretty well.”

3. Euro Trip Style Buses Are Awesome

“Going on those Euro Trip-type bus trips to five cities in 10 days always gets a bad rep. However, it’s a perfect way to do so if you are a young traveler and want to see what you like,” shared one.

“Most people believe you’re there too fast and don’t get to enjoy the city, but with these types of trips, you can see very diverse cultures/towns in a short time, and the next time you know what you like.” 

4. Visiting McDonald’s in Other Countries Is Fun

“McDonald’s nails localization like no other brand,” one stated. “Completely agree,” replied another. “I had the Italian Chicken Sandwich in Paris (not available in Italy), Miami Fries in Italy (not available in Miami), and the same stuff you get all over the US in Miami. Sorry came full circle. Why is the US menu so boring? Japan is the best. They put two new sandwiches out every few weeks.

5. Hostels Suck!

“Hostels are my worst nightmare. I get the social aspect, but I need, at minimum, my own room and bathroom. I can barely stand sharing hotel rooms with people I’m close with,” one confessed. “There is no way I’m sharing a room with a stranger.”

“As an adult who makes a decent salary, hard agree,” a second confirmed. “But as a broke college student backpacking through Europe – my travels would have been impossible without RyanAir + hostels. I only stayed in a few bunk bed/dorm room-style hostels. I found most to be more like mini-hotels.”

6. Treat Yourself

One user exclaimed, “Treat yourself! If you can afford it – take the boat tour, or eat at an expensive restaurant. Soak it up. Vacation and travel are only a short time to be thrifty!”

7. My Hotel Is More Than a Place to Sleep

“My hotel room is more than just a place to sleep. I need downtime where I sit in my room and read or something,” confessed one. 

“Absolutely! I love the days of doing nothing but staying in your accommodation after a few days of exertion,” agreed another. “It helps to recharge and get back to it again! Otherwise, you’ll need another holiday when you get home.”

8. I Love Having a Set Itinerary 

“I like to have a set itinerary, so I don’t waste time,” shared one. “I want to see everything that I can cram into daylight hours. So I research locations and opening and closing times. Then I determine how long I want to be at each place and create an excel spreadsheet itinerary.”

“So I know exactly where to be, when, and how to get there. Spontaneous, no, but also not stressful because I know I’m squeezing everything I can out of a destination.”

9. Travel Doesn’t Always Make You Interesting

Someone suggested, “Having traveled as a hobby doesn’t necessarily make you an interesting person; it just means you have the money to travel. On the other hand, interest and curiosity about the world make you an interesting person, whether you have the means to travel or not.”

“Then there are the well-traveled who spend their time at luxury resorts just because they can. Some so many people deserve to travel but can’t afford it. Doesn’t make them less interesting or intelligent.” 

10. Spending Longer in a Place Doesn’t Mean You Get a Better Experience

“Spending longer in a place doesn’t mean you get a better experience,” suggested one. “Leave while you’re still enjoying, not when you get bored. That way, you’ll remember the place a lot more fondly.” 

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  1. Hi Theresa. I found this blog post to be very interesting as it highlights some of the more “unpopular” opinions that people have when it comes to travel. I particularly agree with the point that there’s nothing wrong with doing “touristy” things. I think it’s important to remember that the reason something is considered touristy is because it’s popular and interesting for a reason. Additionally, I also agree with the point that visiting McDonald’s in other countries can be fun. It’s always interesting to see how a fast food chain can adapt to different cultures and countries, and I think it’s a fun way to experience something unique and different. You did a great job of showing that everyone has their own perspective and opinion when it comes to travel, and that’s what makes it so exciting and diverse.

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