There are minimalism benefits for introverts in particular! Find out how the minimalist lifestyle nourishes the strengths of introverts and encourages growth for the introvert's weaknesses in this guest post.

Minimalism Benefits for Introverts

Although the primary focus of Practigal Blog is simple living, one of my side topics is introversion and shyness. Over time I have discovered that I am an extreme introvert. By that I mean, that if introversion is on the far left and extroversion is on the far right, I find myself very far to the left.

A lot of people find themselves closer to the middle. So, they find that they have traits that are considered introverted as well as some traits considered extroverted. My husband falls into this category, so sometimes people confuse him for an extrovert!

But that’s not me. I’m not saying that I never come across as outgoing because that would be a lie. I’ve gotten less and less shy as I’ve gotten older.

But, I’m still an introvert through and through. Being social exhausts me. I sometimes become exhausted from socializing before it has even begun. It can sometimes just be the thought of having to be social that can leave me feeling weary.

Even if you aren’t this extreme of an introvert, I bet you can relate to some degree. I am so thankful that introversion is finally in the spotlight after being looked down upon for years.

We had grown accustomed to trying to meet the “extrovert ideal” that had permeated our culture, forcing us to fake it. We felt we had to fake that we were extroverted instead of being honored and respected for who we are as introverts!

Being an introvert is NOT a bad thing. Introversion comes with its own strengths that extroverts simply don’t have, and that’s simply awesome.

Minimalism and Introversion

On Practigal Blog, my main focus is on simplifying and decluttering every area of life. But what does that have to do with introversion? Technically nothing, BUT I love coming at simple living and minimalism from different angles so people can see that minimalism is really for everyone. Everyone!

So, if you are an introvert following me on this road to a more simple life, consider signing up for my confidence course specially designed for introverts below!

After that, I encourage you to hop over to my guest post on Mia Danielle’s blog. Mia is a fellow minimalist and focuses primarily on minimalism and intentional living for parents.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to write for Mia and share with her readers a little about how minimalism is great for introverts. On Mia’s blog, I talk about the minimalism benefits for introverts in particular.

Are you an introvert wondering if minimalism might be for you? Then head over to Mia Danielle’s website to read my article on the minimalism benefits for introverts.

Introverts are wired a certain way with particular strengths. In my guest post, you will find out how the minimalist lifestyle nourishes those strengths.

There are obviously downsides to being an introvert, but minimalism can help you grow in those areas.


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