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10 Minimalism Blogs to Help You Simplify Your Life

When you are just starting out with simplifying your life or living minimally, it’s helpful to get inspiration from others. There are so many blogs that have helped me along the way, as well as some newer ones I have found that I just love! That’s why, today on Practigal Blog, I’m going to share with you 10 minimalism blogs to help you simplify your life.

Personally, I got started with pursuing minimalism as a lifestyle after watching the documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (recommended to me by my good friend Laura who must have known I was a minimalist before I did!). I was already decluttering and simplifying every area of my life at this point, but watching this documentary confirmed it for me.

The film showed me that less really could be more. And it showed me that my current lifestyle was keeping me from the joy and peace I so desperately wanted. Even though I couldn’t relate to everything in the film, I knew that I could find my own version of intentional minimalism that would work for our family.

10 Minimalism Blogs to Follow

Since then, I have started sharing my own tips and ideas for simplifying your life on this blog. And, I’ve begun following and soaking up information from many other blogs as well. There are so many minimalism blogs out there that can help you minimize the clutter in every way possible!

Whether you are working on decluttering your home, your time, or your mind, these simplifying and minimalism blogs have got you covered.

Each of these blogs are both inspirational and practical. (They don’t tell you what to do without showing you how to do it!) I believe that minimalism does not look the same for each person or family, and these minimalism blogs show that in their different approaches to minimalism.

Check each of them out and see which of these simplifying and minimalism blogs most resonate with you!

1. Be More With Less

Courtney Carver says that simplifying your life allows you to “infuse it with love”. I love that, don’t you?! She gives us so many great tips so that we can start actually living our life instead of just surviving it. Courtney is the creator of the blog Be More With Less, as well as the Project 333 fashion challenge!

2. Simple Families

This next blog is full of helpful information about parenting and simplifying alike. On her simplify blog, Simple Families, and podcast, Denaye Barahona shares invaluable advice from herself, as well as a wide array of experts. She helps us simplify because she understands our tendency to overcomplicate and overthink pretty much everything. Find out how to live well, especially if you have kids!

3. Simple Lionheart Life

This next blog is by my closest blogging friend. I’ve shared content from Simple Lionheart Life again and again, and I’ve had Melissa guest post on Practigal Blog. Melissa is the nicest person you will ever meet! But besides all that, she has a really great website full of advice to live with “less stuff, more life”. Her simplify your life blog is a must for you to check out!

4. i Dream of Simple

Another one of my closets blogger friends, Tara, delivers tons of simplifying tips on her blog, i Dream of Simple. She is going through the process of simplifying her life, so we get to join her on the journey and learn from her as she goes! If you are looking for tips on decluttering specific things in your home (like recipes, digital files, and clothing) she is your girl. She also puts herself through many challenges, and it’s always fun to see the results and find challenges that may work for you. Check out Tara’s simplify your life blog today!

5. Mia Danielle

Mia writes about minimalism and intentional living for parents on her blog, Mia Danielle. She helps “busy moms create a space that supports them, their energy, and their purpose”. I love how Mia is always straightforward and tells it like it is!

6. This Evergreen Home

This Evergreen Home is a go-to resource for all things on intentional living and prioritizing things that matter. You’ll find easy to read, first-hand articles on decluttering, simple living, and so much more. Mike and Molly want to share what they have learned to help busy families stay connected, love deeply, and manage stress. There’s something for everyone to get started on their minimalist journey here. Pssss…check out their article for date night ideas, too.

7. Nourishing Minimalism

Rachel Jones is “The Joyful Space Specialist” on her blog, Nourishing Minimalism. She wants to help each of us transform our homes into peaceful spaces that nourish us instead of stress us out. She has a wonderful perspective on minimalism as an amazing tool, not the answer. It’s about removing whatever is distracting you from the life you are meant to live. (Also, I’m super excited about The Rachel Jones Podcast coming soon!) Her simplify life blog is full of so many great topics…

8. Carina Jane

Carina Jane considers herself a minimalist in the making, which makes her super relatable for all of us who are just starting on our minimalist journeys. She shares her unique insight into minimalism as a stay-at-home mom, as well as so many practical tips. This is truly a simplify your life blog for those of us who aren’t sure if we’re ready for a truly minimal lifestyle.

9. Smallish Blog

On Smallish Blog, Evelyn comes from the rare perspective of minimalism from a biblical perspective, which I love. She teaches us how to minimize our stuff and be more purposeful with our time.  This simple blog is perfect for those of us who want to find a form of Christian minimalism.

10. The Simplicity Habit

I recently discovered The Simplicity Habit, and I’m so glad that I did. On her new blog, Julianna gives valuable decluttering advice, especially for those of us with kids. Her and I share much the same goal in simplifying: we simplify so that we can spend our time and energy on more important things. This simplify your life blog is about living a more intentional life that we love!

Find the Simplify Blog That’s Right For You

I hope you enjoyed checking out each of these minimalism blogs as much as I did. Each blog has something unique to offer and a different spin on what it looks like to simplify your life. Find what works for you and run with it!

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  1. It’s amazing how using these suggestions can bring so much peace into ones life. I started changing our lifestyle to align more with minimalism, and it brings so much less stress to our life. Great suggestions, great article. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree…it is amazing! I’ve had the same experience as you with adopting a more minimal lifestyle and I’ll never go back! I’m so glad that you found this post to be helpful. 😊

  2. These are some great suggestions to continue to encourage me along the path of downsizing. I have been making a lot of strides towards minimalist living this past year. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Crystal! I’m happy that you’ve found encouragement here. I hope you come back for more!

  3. This is just “wow”! I will check them all out. I have started literally living like a nomad everyday and I need a one go-to article for more tips and inspiration. This is it. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Danica! I hope you find that one of these websites can help you simplify in the ways you need!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! And you are so welcome. These were just links to some of my favorite posts by each of them. There are so many others worth checking out!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I’ve been living a minimal lifestyle for almost 3 years and the practice has washed over my whole life. I’ve not read some of these blogs and look really forward to checking them out!

    1. Hi, Bianca! I’m so glad that you loved it. It’s so true that minimalism affects EVERY area of your life, for the better. I hope you find a blog that you really resonate with and can grow from! And, I hope you stick around to see what Practigal Blog has to offer. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks! I bet it did change your life. Are you pursuing a more minimal lifestyle then?

  5. The only two activities I will multitask are running the dryer and composing on the computer or tablet. And it’s not going to make the clothes wrinkle too badly if I don’t happen to hear the buzzer.

  6. Interesting, been seeing the term slow living more these days. I’ve found minimalism very impactful and started to write about it as well, hoping to share it with others who could benefit πŸ™‚

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