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10 Best Minimalist Tips for Moving Into Your New House

Someone recently shared in an online minimalism forum that he and his wife were closing on a home in two weeks and packing their belongings for the move. 

“We already don’t have a lot of stuff, but I would like to know if you could provide some tips on how to keep our new home orderly and minimalist. I’m worried it will end up cluttered and stay that way.” Here are the top-voted tips.

1.  Resist the Urge to Buy New Things

One user suggested that when you move to a new place, resist the urge to go shopping for your new home. But, they continued, only if you can not find something in your house should you purchase anything new. 

2.  Unpack as You Go and Toss What You Don’t Need

Another user added to unpack things as you need them. Anything that doesn’t get unpacked within a few months of the first year can be donated or recycled, except seasonal items.

3.  Designate a Spot for Everything

When you move to a new house, you want to start with good habits so make sure each item in your home has a designated location. For example, one person explained that you always put them away when you are finished with them, don’t just put them down.

4.  Closed Shelves vs. Open Shelves

One shared, “I hate cleaning open shelves and surfaces so much. So they transitioned to closed shelves and cabinets because it looks less cluttered and requires less dusting. 

Someone else replied they went a step further, got cabinets with transparent doors, and being sensible about the material makes for minimal clean-up.

5.  Avoid Furniture/ Items With Internal Storage

One Redditor said to refrain from purchasing items or furniture with built-in storage space. Most folks tend to fill those built-in storage spaces with junk they are trying to hide for the moment. They gave examples like a plain table-like surface for your TV or dodging sofas with storage under the cushions.

6.  Don’t Buy It if There Isn’t a Predesignated Place for It

Another recollected many times when they refused to purchase something they “loved and had to have it.” They stated there was no spot for the item to “live in their home,” so there was no justification for making a purchase. The same individual continued that if there is no reserved spot for the item, it will only become clutter.

7.  Stay Away From Things That Are Meant to Influence a Purchase

Another minimalist pleaded to avoid things that influence you to purchase because they are formulated to make you want something you don’t need. Steer clear of websites, magazines, and YouTube videos about the home. 

8.  Utilize Your Space to Its Full Extent

Someone stated garages and basements are not made solely for storage purposes. They continued that if you are lucky enough to have a garage or basement, use the garage for your car and rent your basement out for additional income.

9.  Declutter and Minimize as You Pack Before the Move

One couple admits they only practiced a minimalist lifestyle after they moved into a smaller house with two small children. However, they continued explaining how they decluttered as this pair packed, and when they unpacked, they minimized some more.

10.  Make a List, Then Check It Twice

Take time to make a list of things you want to purchase and consider the importance of each item the last person noted. Then recheck your list and remove anything that is an item of immediate necessity.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit minimalist tips list for first-time homebuyers. 

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