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14 Fun Mix and Match Outfits For Your Travel Wardrobe

The key to packing light and taking the guesswork out of what to pack is to create a travel wardrobe. These mix and match outfit ideas for travel show how choosing the right versatile clothes can go a long way.

If you already have a capsule wardrobe, your travel wardrobe essentials will just be a smaller selection from that.

For those of you interested in starting a capsule wardrobe for everyday use, learn how to create a capsule in 5 easy steps by following my capsule wardrobe formula!

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For the purpose of this post, I’m going to show you some wardrobe basics and how to create a minimal travel wardrobe with enough clothes for you to create outfits for 2 weeks! (FYI, I also wrote about how to pack a carry-on for 2 weeks, including a carry-on only packing list!).

Mix-and-Match Travel Wardrobe

You can easily pack light when you create your very own mix-and-match travel wardrobe. Today, I’m going to give you an example of what clothes to pack for 2 weeks to take the guesswork out of it for you!

16 clothing pieces to mix and match outfits for travel wardrobe

This travel capsule wardrobe consists of the following items:

  • 6 tops
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 4 bottoms
  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of shoes

Don’t forget that you will still need to back other essential clothes and toiletries. Items like undergarments, socks, pajamas, any accessories you would like to add in (like a hat, scarf, purse, or jewelry), and possibly a swimsuit need to be factored into how much clothing you can pack.

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The Tops

The tops I selected are mostly neutral with a little pop of color. By choosing versatile pieces like these, they are more easily able to be mixed and matched with the other pieces in the travel wardrobe.

Tops for mix and match outfits for travel wardrobe
  1. Striped blouse
  2. Burgundy tank top
  3. Black graphic tee
  4. Olive tank top
  5. Black blouse
  6. White t-shirt

The Layers

Again, choosing mostly neutrals is key, but I added a zip-up hoodie in an accent color to add some interest.

Layers for mix and match outfits for travel wardrobe
  1. Gray cardigan
  2. Jean jacket
  3. Burgundy zip-up hoodie

The Bottoms and Dress

Stick with neutrals for bottoms for greatest versatility, or swap out one of the bottoms for something in a color you love.

For the dress, I chose a neutral black with a floral pattern to spice things up. This dress can easily be dressed up or down, and it can be layered with a jean jacket or cardigan in cooler weather.

Bottoms and dress for mix and match outfits for travel wardrobe
  1. Blue jeans
  2. White jeans
  3. Black wrap skirt
  4. Denim shorts
  5. Midi dress

Shoes and footware

Again, stick with neutrals for shoes, because you won’t be able to bring as many. Shoes take up the most space in your suitcase, and they are often the heaviest!

Shoes for mix and match outfits for travel wardrobe
  1. Black and brown sandals
  2. Gray sneakers

Mix-and-Match Outfits for Travel

With these 16 pieces, I’ve put together 14 of many outfit options for you to consider. I hope you can see how far just 16 pieces can take you!

Many of these mix-and-match outfits are able to take you from morning to night because they can be dressed up or down. The addition of a few layers also makes it easier because the outfits will work well in cool or warm weather.

So, if you’re going somewhere with cool mornings and evenings, outfits like these are perfect!

Outfit #1

The first of the mix and match outfits is great at taking you from morning until night. Wear the jean jacket in the morning and evening, and remove it in the heat of the day.

Outfit: Jean jacket, olive tank top, white jeans, black and brown sandals

Outfit #2

The next one is fun because it looks so put together, yet casual with a wrap skirt and sandals. You will be so comfortable all day wearing an outfit like this!

Outfit: gray cardigan, black blouse with white polka dots, black wrap skirt, black and brown sandals

Outfit #3

The third outfit inspiration is casual and perfect for the hottest of days. Simply ditch the cardigan or wrap it around your waist. A classic white t-shirt always looks nice.

Outfit: gray cardigan, white t-shirt, denim shorts, black and brown sandals

Outfit #4

The fourth of my mix and match outfits for travel uses a graphic tee. Pairing the graphic tee with a jean jacket when it gets warmer and white jeans takes the outfit to the next level. (You can cuff the white jeans to experiment with a different length and add to the look!)

Outfit: jean jacket, graphic tee, white jeans, black and brown sandals

Outfit #5

Tuck this burgundy tank top into a black midi wrap skirt (or comfy pencil skirt), and you’ll look chic and confident yet comfortable.

Outfit #6

For the sixth outfit, I paired the gray and white striped blouse with the denim jacket, flattering dark jeans, and gray sneakers for a fun and casual look. Don’t forget that you can roll up or cuff the sleeves on this jacket for something a little different.

Outfit #7

This midi dress is perfect for dressing up or down, and the jean jacket makes this outfit a little more casual.

Outfit #8

For a super simple look on days where you are doing something fun, pair a tank top with denim shorts and some sneakers like this outfit.

Outfit: olive tank top, denim shorts, gray sneakers

Outfit #9

This outfit is great for a day of shopping or living like the locals. A mix of textures from denim to the silky blouse makes this outfit interesting.

Outfit: jean jacket, black blouse with white polka dots, white jeans, gray sneakers

Outfit #10

Wear a zip-up hoodie with a simple t-shirt like this white one, some sneakers, and comfortable jeans for an outfit that’s ready for anything. Try cuffing the jeans for a slightly different look.

Outfit #11

The next of my mix-and-match outfits for travel is comfy with a graphic tee and shorts and perfect for those warm days.

Outfit #12

Denim on denim looks good when you pair it with something interesting like this burgundy tank top. Leave the jean jacket open or button a few at the bottom.

Outfit #13

For even greater versatility, you can use a midi dress like this one as a skirt instead! Simply put a tee on over the dress and you have a whole new look. You could also knot the bottom of the white tee to the length you like.

Outfit #14

For the final outfit, I paired the gray and white blouse with the black midi wrap skirt this time. Paired with the neutral sandals, this outfit is casual, yet looks good and pulls together well.

Mix-and-Match Outfits Take You Far

There are actually many more outfits that you can create with these versatile wardrobe-essentials. But hopefully, you can see how a mix and match travel wardrobe can go super far. There are so many ways to wear these staples. You’ll have a different outfit to be worn every day of the week with a combination of simple dresses, a nice blazer, leggings, flowy tops, paired with a nice pair of ankle skinny pants, and some heels.

These cute outfits alone would get you through 2 weeks of travel according to your personal style. If you need to do laundry, plan to do it after week 1 if at all possible. This same casual wardrobe could last you even longer if you simply do laundry every several days.

Bonus Tip: Outfits 6, 9, and 12 would be perfect for wearing to the airport. For one, you would be comfortable in any of these outfits and can remove layers if you get too warm. Also, wearing bulkier items like the jean jacket and sneakers frees up space in your suitcase!

Creating a travel wardrobe is the key to packing light, especially for longer trips. With versatile clothing, the number of apparel options is so much greater. This allows you to get so much more out of a smaller amount of clothes.

Isn’t it crazy how far just these 14 mix and match outfits for travel can take you?

You can easily pack light when you create your very own mix-and-match travel classic wardrobe. I hope you found my example of what clothes to pack for 2 weeks helpful!

So, what are your must-have summer outfits? How many clothes would you bring on a 2-week trip? Let us know in the comments! I love high-waisted cropped pants and a cute graphic tee.

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