Looking for a natural teeth whitening solution that works but won't make your teeth sensitive or harm your gums? I have the perfect solution for you. Find out how I COMPLETELY whitened my teeth in only two weeks. Not even the expensive whitening strips could do that! ~Practigal Blog

Natural Teeth Whitening: How I Completely Whitened My Teeth in Two Weeks

We all have them. Stains on our teeth from years of drinking coffee, tea, and the like. And as we get older, they only get worse!

I used to use whitening strips to whiten my teeth, but I had to stop. The whitening strips made my teeth and gums sensitive to cold like never before. So of course, the stains returned with a vengeance. I swear my teeth started to turn green! Especially my crooked bottom teeth. Barf.

That’s when I knew I needed to find an effective alternative. I needed a natural teeth whitening solution that wouldn’t cause sensitivity.

A Natural Teeth Whitening Solution

I decided to try the charcoal powder.

I remembered reading an article about charcoal powder, but it seemed too weird and hippie for me to try at the time. Ha! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I mean, who thought it was a good idea to cover your teeth in black crap in order to turn them white?! But, I had heard that it worked well, while not causing sensitivity or putting harmful chemicals in your body.

I looked on Amazon to find a charcoal powder that was highly rated, and I found this one:

The Active Wow activated coconut charcoal powder was given 4.5 stars out of 5 by over 12,000 reviewers! That got my attention right away.

Also, people who bought this product were claiming they saw results in as little as 1-2 days. The product claims to be gentle on your gums and teeth… and consumers agreed.

Active Wow also claims their product is made from high-quality coconut, which sounded great to me.

But I was curious…how does activated charcoal powder work?

It turns out, charcoal is a natural detoxifier and purifier and has many uses. But in the case of natural teeth whitening, it works by literally pulling the stains from your teeth through absorption.

Cool, right? So those stains are actually GONE.

My Experience with Activated Charcoal Powder

Well, obviously I bought some and tried them out. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw this photo I shared with you of me brushing my teeth with charcoal powder, and it got a lot of attention from my followers. 

Maybe it was this self-deprecating photo of me in the bathroom with black teeth that piqued your interest, but I figure at least some of you were interested because you also needed a natural teeth whitening solution.

Honestly, it took me a couple of days to figure out how to not make a huge mess.

When I first used it, I got the black powder all over the sink and counter (but it wipes off easily). I also had to learn the hard way that it would spray everywhere as I was brushing (ew).

In that post, I also complained about the little specs of charcoal powder that I couldn’t seem to get out from between my teeth and around the gums. First, I brushed with the charcoal powder. Second, I rinsed my mouth with water several times. Then, I brushed with my regular toothpaste, flossed my teeth, and rinsed with mouthwash.

And the bits of charcoal powder was STILL there. Luckily, I used the charcoal powder for the first time before I went to bed, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone (but my husband) seeing my teeth.

My Results Using Activated Charcoal Powder

I’m happy to say, that I have an update and it’s a good one!

On the second day of using the activated charcoal powder it was easier to get the black specks out of my teeth, and the third day was even easier than that.

Each day I used the charcoal powder I had less and less black residue left on my teeth. Probably because there was less and less staining for the powder to cling on to! Now I only rinse with water a couple of times and I’m good to go!

I know that you really want to know how well it removed my stains. By the end of one week, I had little to no staining on my teeth. I only noticed a little staining at this point between my crooked bottom teeth where it’s hard to get at them.

By the end of two weeks, there were NO STAINS. Not even in the hard-to-reach places. I would also like to point out that the whitening strips I used to buy could never reach those places, so my bottom teeth were always still stained. I thought it was just my cross to bear. LOL!

As an added bonus, I never experienced any sensitivity when using this product!

I wish I would have taken a before picture so you could see the level of staining I was dealing with. My teeth looked yellow, and my bottom crooked teeth were so bad they almost looked green. I would have been super embarrassed, but my bottom teeth don’t really show for some reason. Even when I smile.

Here is the after picture of my newly whitened teeth:

Looking for a natural teeth whitening solution that works but won't make your teeth sensitive or harm your gums? I have the perfect solution for you. Find out how I COMPLETELY whitened my teeth in only two weeks. Not even the expensive whitening strips could do that! ~Practigal Blog

Even more, I visited the dentist for a cleaning recently and received compliments I hadn’t heard since I was a teenager.

First, the dental assistant said that I had a very nice color to my teeth and asked if I bleached. Obviously, I laughed and told her I used charcoal powder.

She then compared charcoal powder to a VERY EXPENSIVE whitening treatment they offer there, which I will never need to use now. When she was done cleaning my teeth, she said she found little to no buildup on my teeth.

Despite having an electric toothbrush, flossing daily, and seeing the dentist every 6 months, this has never been the case. Normally I get lectured about brushing my teeth better and flossing daily (like they don’t believe that I actually do this every day).

And I got my first couple of cavities as an adult. I’ve been frustrated by how much effort I’ve put into keeping my teeth in good shape only for them to tell me it isn’t good enough.

Well, not anymore!!!

How to Use Activated Charcoal Powder (With Tips)

Obviously, now that I’ve used the charcoal powder for a couple of weeks I have some tips to share with you to make your experience as easy and mess-free as possible:

  1. Be careful when opening the lid for the first time. You can tap the container on the counter to try to get the powder to settle on the bottom. Then, open the container over the sink with the water running.
  2. Get your toothbrush wet, then tap off any excess water.
  3. Dip your toothbrush in the container of charcoal powder, then tap off any excess powder back into the container. (You only need a little powder on your toothbrush for it to be effective.)
  4. Brush your teeth like you normally would, for 1-2 minutes. Try to keep your lips mostly closed when brushing to avoid the black spray on your sink and mirror.
  5. Spit, rinse with water and repeat until you aren’t spitting out black powder anymore. Spit directly into running water to minimize the mess.
  6. Simply rinse away any black splatter with water.

How Long to Use the Charcoal Powder

I used the Active Wow activated coconut charcoal powder twice a day for the first week, and once a day for the second week. After that, my stains were gone and I had barely even used a quarter of the container.

But now I have it, should my stains decide to return. Which they will because obviously, I’m not going to stop drinking coffee. This one tiny, powerful product will last me a LONG time.

So, not only is this product extremely effective, it is a lot less expensive than buying the whitening strips or paying for professional whitening. I think it just might save me money on my dental bills as well.

This natural teeth whitening solution is definitely worth the “investment”. I hope you decide to give it a try!

Would you try this product after reading my review? Share with me in the comments!



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  1. Very useful. I read about charcoal powder, but it is so much better to know it from someone who has used it… and has seen results! If I may ask, is this one vegan? I’m looking to get one for myself. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. I agree, I didn’t give it a try until I heard from friends of mine how great it was! I believe it is vegan based on the plant-based ingredient list, but I would have to do more research to know for sure.

  2. you’re very convincing. I’ve long heard about the benefits of charcoal powder but now I think I will give it a try for sure. Thanks for sharing, I’ve pinned so when I’m ready to buy I’ll use your link 😉

    1. Haha, thanks! I know that sometimes people need an extra nudge. I was definitely wary of trying it at first, but I’m so glad that I did so I had to share! I don’t do product reviews very often, but when I do, you can trust that I am IN LOVE with the product.

  3. Is there a paste alternative? I really like the look of the results. Do you only use when you want to whiten or is it part of your daily use?

    1. There is a paste made by Active Wow, but I haven’t tried it. I only use it when I want to whiten. Let me know if you give the paste a try!

  4. Never heard of using charcoal powder to whiten teeth, but it sounds like it’s worth a try. My teeth get stained from drinking tea and coffee and those whitening strips available in stores are only partially effective. This sounds like a good alternative.

    1. So true! The whitening strips don’t even cover all of your teeth, let alone the whole tooth! I hope you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

  5. I’ve been so curious about activated charcoal powder! Glad you wrote such an insightful review – first one I find. Definitely more inclined to try it now 🙂

    1. I thought it was weird too! That’s why it took me this long to try it, but now I wish I would have started years ago…

  6. This is going on my amazon wish list! My teeth have always been genetically yellow and the dentist is always being mean about it but I swear I do everything right, so maybe this will be the answer!

    1. It just might be the solution you were looking for! I was like you where I did all the right things but the dentist would still lecture me every time I went for cleanings. Well, finally not any more!

  7. I have definitely heard of charcoal being the secret but I remember one time I took charcoal pills for digestive purposes… And it was a FRIGGIN’ nightmare. I will never look at charcoal again! ha!

    1. Interesting! I have friends who have taken the pills with no issues. What problems did you run into?

    1. Believe me, I had my doubts as well. So glad I gave it a try! It’s completely changed my oral health for the better. 🙂

    1. LOL! It doesn’t really taste like anything actually! I’m a gagger and I had no issue. 😉

  8. I need ALL the help I can get with my teeth. WAY too much red wine & coffee. Your teeth are SO white, that’s such a testimonial on it’s own. I actually have a ton of charcoal at home so I’m giving this a go – thanks for the inspo! Would you recc mixing this with some peppermint oil too?? xx Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

    1. I’m not sure about peppermint oil, sorry! Good luck giving it a try! Is what you already have activated charcoal powder?

  9. I was considering this but I read a study where they tested charcoal for teeth whitening and it was extremely abrasive to the teeth wearing away a lot of enamel. It’s not recommended by dentists. What have you researched about that?

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