Simplify Your Date Nights

Simplify Your Date Nights

On Practigal Blog, it is my aim to help you simplify every area of your life. I believe that we tend to overcomplicate things, causing unnecessary stress and guilt. This even applies to spending quality time with our significant others!

You have probably heard how important regular date nights are for your relationship, but somehow it’s just become another thing on your to-do list. And, you have probably started to feel guilty about not being able to make your partner a priority!

I think that you can prioritize your relationship if you simplify your date nights.

How To Simplify Your Date Nights

So, how do you simplify your date nights? First, you simplify your date nights by changing your expectations.

Maybe your date nights need to cost little to nothing so you need to find free options. Or maybe your date nights need to happen at home for the time being so that you can be home with the children.

Don’t feel bad about that and get creative!

Second, you simplify your date nights by doing what works for your current stage of life.

If you are extremely busy at the moment, when can you sneak in some quality time with your partner? Could you sneak in a breakfast or lunch date? If you can’t be together, can you talk on the phone?

Third, you simplify your date nights by planning inexpensive, fun dates, and give you a chance to connect.

I’ve compiled a list of 51+ simple date night ideas to help you prioritize quality time with your partner. I made sure to include both a list of date nights for when you want to go out and a list of date nights for when you need or want to stay in!

If you are looking for ways to simplify your date nights, I encourage you to hop over to my guest post on Simple Lionheart Life, a blog created by fellow blogger and friend, Melissa Russell. Melissa’s blog is a great resource for those of you who are on this minimalist journey with me and are aiming to simplify every area of your life. Please check out my guest post on her blog, and then stick around a while to see all that Melissa has to offer.




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