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10 Items Pre-minimalists Stocked up That Will Take Forever to Use Up

What are some things you purchased pre-minimalism in such a vast quantity you’ll take an extremely long time to finish? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted responses. 

1. Bath and Body Works Candles

Someone shared, “Bath and Body Works candles. I’d just escaped an abusive childhood, finally had my own place in the works, and my partner was moving up to live with me. I wanted to make our place as cozy and homey as possible.”

“So what did I do? I bought 12 (yes, 12) of those large candles because they had a great deal on them that ended up reducing their price to $10 each, plus a free tote bag!”

It took us a year and a half to go through them entirely. We ended up not finishing one because we moved and needed more space, so it got pitched. Zero regrets, but I laugh at my partner coming up, me saying I had a surprise, and just busting out 12 candles.”

2. Tea

Someone exclaimed, “Tea. So much tea!” Another, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH TEA. I’m not British. I’m American, but I promise, like, that’s the one drink I hoard like a dragon with gold.”

3. Perfume

“Perfume,” replied another. “I used to work for a significant perfume distributor and would get a biannual allowance to spend at their warehouse. Employee offerings were usually the testers used in stores, but sometimes you’d receive a retail version of the product.”

We also received a bag of products whenever we went for product launch training. Also, my regional manager would happily give you anything you wanted if you were on her good side!”

“After 18 months in the job, I had accrued 30 full-size bottles of perfume just for myself. When I left three years later, I had a bathroom cabinet, bedside table, and storage tub CHOCKERS with products.”

4. Sticky Notes

One person said, “I decided to do a sticky note wallpaper in my room almost six years ago. I only got about 2.5 walls done before I gave up (it did look pretty sick, though). I still have quite a few sticky notes (maybe 20 packages?), and at the rate I use them, they should last me the rest of my life.”

5. Nail Polish

“Back in the day, a decade ago, I was really into nail polish. I collected nail polish, did them every day, made friends in the community, and did beauty blogging. I bought entire seasonal collections. I was addicted,” another confessed. 

“I would spend hours and thousands of dollars on this. I was also depressed about infertility. At my peak, I had over 1,500 bottles of nail polish. And after I had my wonderful kids, I had no more energy for it.”

“So I only do my nails less than 20 times in nine years. I thought I would sell it. I barely ever did. I’ve been donating and giving away for the last couple of years. I am happy to get rid of it.”

6. Fish Shaped Soy Sauce Containers

“For me, it’s a particular thing,” one explained. “I bought fish-shaped soy sauce containers that high-end sushi takeout places use. I use them for bento. I purchased 100 of them, thinking they’ll break down after use. But, BOY, WAS I WRONG!”

“They’re made of higher quality material than I expected. So I’m on #2 of 100. So now I got a bag filled with these adorable soy sauce containers shaped like fish doing nothing. The heat death of the universe and the time it’ll take me to finish them are on a similar timeframe.”

7. Makeup

“Makeup. I have SO MANY eye shadow palettes, lip glosses, and lip balms. I am at the point where I couldn’t finish using all of my makeup in one lifetime,” another confessed. 

8. Yarn and Craft Supplies

“Yarn and craft supplies,” answered one. “I’m not buying more, and I only have a little compared to many folks, but it’s more than I’d like, and I am trying to only work on what is right in front of me.”

A second person admitted, “I have a huge craft closet filled with beautiful stickers and handmade paper that I can’t use fast enough. My husband says the closet is the hidden proof that I’m not a real minimalist.”

9. Bars of Soap

Another answered, “Bars of soap! I bid on a charity gift basket with at least five full-size bars. Also, I amassed a bunch of travel soaps from my two-year stint of monthly hotel stays.”

“I wanted to get my money’s worth. Ugh, cruddy soap that didn’t smell good, but I didn’t want to waste it. Just because it’s free and comes with the purchase doesn’t mean you have to take it! Lesson learned.”

10. Books

Finally, someone volunteered, “Books. I had a big problem. Buying too many books at the annual book fair each year. So much that it will probably take me decades to read.”

“I don’t regret it. Now I borrow books that I’m interested in or use audiobooks. Either way, I have enough things to read, and after I’ve read one of my own, I usually donate them to the public library so that anyone can enjoy it.”

Embracing Minimalism

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of items people stocked up on pre-minimalism. If you’re looking to create a minimalist family home it’s time to try the less is more motto. Choose quality items that you have space for and serve a purpose in your life.

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