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Vulture Released List of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends by Height

Taylor Swift, a highly popular singer, has a huge fan following who crave to know every detail about her, including her romantic relationships. Recently, she has been linked to an NFL player, and her fans have observed a pattern in her choice of partners. If you keep reading, you can learn more about the heights of Taylor Swift’s past boyfriends.

1. Joe Jonas 5’8

Joe Jonas 5'8
Image Credit: Jean_Nelson and Depositphotos

Taylor Swift’s first official love interest, Jonas Brothers singer, Joe Jonas, stands at 5’8. The two dated briefly in 2008 before he called it off in a 25-second phone call. However, it’s his loss. Even Jonas’ wife is Team Taylor on this one. 

2. Taylor Lautner 5’8

Taylor Lautner 5'8
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Taylor squared (Taylor Swift X Taylor Lautne) met on the set of Valentine’s Day in 2009. Although the two were only together for a few months, Swift refers to Lautne as one of her best friends. He’s the only one with a positive song written about him after their break-up. 

3. Lucas Till 5’9

Lucas Till 5’9
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Moving up an inch, 5’9 Lucas Till briefly dated Swift in 2009 after starring in her music video “You Belong With Me.” The relationship ended when Till realized they were better off as friends.

4. Matty Healy 5’10

taylor swift red carpet
Image Credit: Jean_Nelson and Depositphotos

Sadly, despite two tries at a union, 5’10 Matty Healy and Taylor just weren’t meant to be. Maybe it was bad timing for the singers. Maybe something else.

5.  Jake Gyllenhaal 5’11

Jake Gyllenhaal 5'11
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Jake Gyllenhaal, 5’11, and Taylor dated briefly in 2010. Not much is known about their relationship. However, fans suspect Swift’s album Red leaves clues.

6. Harry Styles 6’0

Harry Styles 6’0
Image Credit: bossmoss and Depositphotos

Getting taller, Taylor Swift was linked to the One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles, in 2012. Fans can thank Styles for the 1989 album, which is reportedly inspired by the Brit following a holiday fight. 

7.  Tom Hiddleston 6’1 ¾

Tom Hiddleston 6’1 ¾
Image Credit: PopularImages and Depositphotos

Taylor Swift and actor Tom Hiddleston, 6’1 ¾, had a whirlwind romance in 2016. Despite looking like a young couple madly in love, after just three months of dating, the relationship ended when the Love Story singer wanted to slow down the relationship. 

8. Conor Kennedy 6’2

Taylor Swift in concert
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Summer 2012 Swift was seen with the fairly tall 6’2 Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. Despite being continuously seen around the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, the relationship quickly fizzled following the death of his mother.

9. Joe Alwyn 6’2 ½

Joe Alwyn 6’2 ½
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In 2019, the You Belong With Me songstress began dating the British actor, Joe Alwyn. Although her friends were talking proposal and children, the couple split after six years together.  

10.  John Mayer 6’2 ¾

John Mayer 6’2 ¾
Image Credit: PopularImages and Depositphotos

While Taylor Swift and John Mayer enjoyed dinner together in Nashville, a true romance never developed. Mayer went on to date Katy Perry, while Taylor wrote “Bad Blood.” 

11.  Calvin Harris 6’5

Calvin Harris 6’5
Image Credit: s_bukley and Depositphotos

Moving taller, 6’5 Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift met backstage at the Brit Awards in 2015. The two made the relationship official in March but after 15 months of dating, it just wasn’t working. 

12. Travis Kelce 6’5

Travis Kelce 6’5
Image Credit: imagepressagency and Depositphotos

Not backing down in the height department, Taylor Swift’s latest love interest appears to be the 6’5 Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce. Kelce invite Swift to a game via social media after not being able to see her at one of her concerts. Swift accepted and the two were seen arm and arm at an afterparty. More to come on this love story.

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