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10 Top Things Minimalists Put Their Focus On

Minimalism isn’t about deprivation but about focusing on the things you like. So, what are the things you’re less compromising on with minimalism? After polling the internet, here are ten top-voted responses. 

10. Nature

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One person expressed, “Nature. I used to buy many crafty things to do inside (I also love crafts), and now I like being outside more! All I need for that are clothes, shoes, and sunglasses.”

Another agreed, “Nature. I love being outside, hiking, etc. If I can find a solid set of hiking boots I can wear everywhere for the next 90 years, I will acquire them.” Many agreed that camping and hiking were a central focus of joy.

9. Food

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“Food. I love to cook and won’t compromise on ingredients or what I cook. That means I buy high-quality ingredients as affordable and keep a wide variety of ingredients on hand to pull from,” replied one. Another added, “Food. I buy whatever strikes my fancy at the grocery store and indulge in bougie coffee.”

8. Video Games

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Various people agreed they focus on gaming systems. One confessed, “Gaming. The Steam Deck would make me more willing to give up some of my older consoles.” Another admitted, “Videos games – I have a high-end desk-less PC setup with four monitors and a loveseat. Even to me, it feels excessive.”

7. Music

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Many people agreed that music is a focus of joy on their minimalist journeys varying from record collections to musical instruments. One stated, “Music collecting is what I focus on, and a little unimportant thing I cheat on is digital collectibles.”

6. Fashion

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“Fashion,” stated one. “I certainly apply minimalist principles to my wardrobe. But it is more like a well-curated collection. I like bold looks and quality items. That means I have more than some minimalist-minded folks, but I keep it manageable and intentional.”

5. Plants

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“Plants,” confessed one. “I don’t own a lot of stuff, but I will turn my room into a jungle of houseplants. Nothing is cozier to me.” Another joked, “Curated plant maximalism. I love them.”

4. Cooking Gadgets

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“I love cooking, and maybe I have more kitchen utensils than the average minimalist because I use them and have a direct relationship with them,” one shared. A second confessed, “As for cooking, I enjoy it, and certain gadgets and utensils make it easier and more enjoyable.”

“I don’t mind storing my air fryer, food processor, or nice Le Creuset Dutch oven because I use them all the time. Microplane? I wish I had seven. Mandolin? I can slice potatoes in half the time!”

3. Books

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“Books,” someone admitted. “I go to the library a lot but am OK buying some books that I find myself returning to, especially if they are art books.” Another shared, “I have a Persona 5 art book, and I’d never expect to find that in a library, so I know what you mean about those.”

2. Travel

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One person confessed, “Travel. I’m not referring to the amenities or mode of transportation, but rather, going to as many places as possible so that I may see and experience as much as I can.” 

1. Inner Peace

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The number one voted response is, “Inner peace. The less clutter there is, the more peaceful I feel.” Someone agreed, “Same here. After decluttering things and people, I’ve never felt so mentally free.” Finally, a third added, “Exactly, there’s nothing to distract from me.”

Theresa Bedford is a nationally syndicated writer. Her work has been seen on the Associated Press Wire, Blox Digital, and MSN. She writes about productivity, money, and simple living to help people focus on what really matters in life.