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16 Types of Summer Soirees to Throw This Year

Don’t just throw another summertime party. This year, throw the summer soiree that everyone will be impressed with. With these festive party ideas, your party will stand out from everyone else’s and make for a lasting summer memory.

From a fancy tea party to a lively hoedown, let these party ideas inspire your next bash.

Tea Party

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What is cuter than a quaint tea party in your backyard? Tea parties might seem like a thing of the past, but if you want to throw a unique and memorable summer party, opt for this endearing theme.

You can serve various teas (of course), finger sandwiches, pastries, fresh fruit, and other light snacks. You and your friends can feel like high-society snobs while you sip Earl Grey with your pinkies up. Make this a classy affair with a modest dress code and Victorian-inspired decor, like doilies, floral tablecloths, flower bouquets, and fine china.

Slip-And-Slide Party

Group of kids playing in slip n slide.
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If you want to throw a summer party kids will be excited about, nothing is better than a slip-and-slide shindig. Make this type of party all about water activities.

Along with a slip-and-slide, which can be made with nothing but a plastic tarp, hose, and soap, put out water balloons, squirt guns, and sprinklers. Invite everyone and remind them to bring their bathing suits and a towel! Serve casual food, like fresh fruit, hot dogs, chips, salsa, and other easy foods.

Backyard BBQ

Group of friends having party outdoors BBQ.
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A backyard BBQ is a classic summer party idea that will never go out of style. All you need is a working grill, and you’re good to go. However, if you’re particularly passionate about BBQ food, you can go all out with a grill, smoker, slow cooker, and whatever else you have.

While you can always do a vegetarian BBQ with grilled corn, watermelon, and other vegetables, nothing beats a meaty BBQ. But don’t forget about the classic sides, like cornbread, cole slaw, mac and cheese, and, of course, beer.

Movie Night

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For an outdoor summer movie night, you’ll need a projector and a place to set up the screen, which can just be a white sheet. It takes a little extra effort but is something you can enjoy all summer.

Set up comfy seating in front of the screen/sheet and maybe add low lighting for ambiance. Make classic movie snacks, like popcorn, candy, cheesy nachos, pizza, and soda. You can pick one movie everyone will love or make it a double feature!

Laidback Luau

two dancers at luau party.
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A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party involving live music, performances, a feast, and lots of fun. Don’t worry; you don’t need to hire a band or performers to throw your own luau. You also don’t need to roast a whole pig underground; we’ll leave all that to the pros.

What you can do is set up tiki torches, floral decor, and island-inspired food. Serve pork with pineapples, pineapple salsa, Hawaiian cole slaw, rice, sweet chicken, and Spam sliders. Adorn every guest with a pretty lei and encourage people to dress in island-appropriate attire, like grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and tube tops.

Idyllic Picnic

happy couple picnic sunset
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While you can throw a picnic in your backyard, we recommend selecting a different location for a picnic party — perhaps a green park or a nearby or elevated location with a view. Bring blankets for people to sit on the ground or lightweight folding tables and tablecloths.

We recommend going traditional with this idea, bringing gingham tablecloths, wicker baskets, sunflower bouquets, and homemade lemonade. Pack simple sandwiches, like PB&J, or bring charcuterie fixings. Don’t forget a yummy dessert like cake or pie!

Wine Tasting

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Transform your backyard into Napa Valley with a sophisticated wine-tasting party. This idea is pricier but worth it if you and your friends love some vino. Select at least three wines, an assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits, and other appetizers. Make sure you choose food that pairs well with your wine.

Give every guest a scorecard so you can all compare your reactions to the wines! You don’t need to stress about decor for this idea; keep things simple and refined. Maybe add a bouquet to the table or some subtle greenery to spruce up the atmosphere.

Block Party

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A classic block party is fun for the whole neighborhood, so this is an idea you can plan with your community. Block parties typically include food, music, games, and more.

Set up grills for hot dogs and burgers, or order some pizza. Get a bouncy house or photo booth for fun. Offer dessert, like cake or an ice cream bar. What you have and serve at the block party is up to you, but what makes this summer party special is that it’s a group effort with your fellow neighbors.

Brunch in the Sun

Group Of Happy Young Friends Having Dinner At Patio.
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Why drop $100 at your local brunch eatery when you and your friends can have an intimate backyard brunch? Set up a proper dining table in the grass and serve everyone’s favorite breakfast or brunch food.

Foods like bagels and pastries are easiest, but you can challenge yourself with egg dishes, pancakes, bacon, and other hot foods. Of course, make sure you serve the proper libations, like mimosas and bloody Marys. This type of party doesn’t need much decor or a dress code. A pretty tablecloth, a thoughtful tablescape, and maybe a vase of flowers will do.

Pool Party

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This list wouldn’t be complete without a pool party. This one requires that you have a pool, so it’s not a party everyone can throw. However, inflatable and kiddie pools exist, so you can do a DIY pool if you’re dying for a pool party.

If you do have a full-sized pool, make sure you have plenty of floaties, sunscreen, and towels. Serve typical pool party food, like fruit, grilled food, chips, cocktails, beer, and soda. One of our favorite things about pool parties is they can be day parties in the hot sunshine or moody and cool nighttime parties.

Summer Fiesta

mexican pinata used in posadas and birthdays.
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Host a fiesta if you want a lively and colorful party this summer. Like a luau, you just need some specific decor to bring this idea to life.

We love pinatas, sombreros, large flowers, manta tablecloths, and other Latin-inspired items. Don’t shy away from color and vibrance while choosing decorations. Serve food and drink like nachos, chips and salsa, tacos, margaritas, Mexican beer, churros, Jarritos, chicharrones, elote, and anything else that fits the theme.

Country Hoedown

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For those who love country music, a summer hoedown is a must. We encourage you to go big with this idea, as the more on-theme it is, the more fun it will be for everyone. For decor, get hay bails, lasso ropes, saddles, wanted posters, faux saloon doors, and anything else that screams “country.”

The dress code here is important, as guests should wear cowboy hats, cowboy boots, jean cutoffs, leather pants, chaps, big belts, flannel shirts, and other cowboy core clothes. Offer food like Frito pies, BBQ meat, and Southern sides. But most importantly, make sure you prepare a honky-tonk country music playlist!

Patriotic Party

family celebrating having party on july 4.
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The best day of the year for a patriotic party is definitely July 4th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold one on a different summer day. This type of party is fun because you can find creative ways to incorporate red, white, and blue or the American flag into your decor and food.

People make red, white, and blue fruit salads (strawberries, blueberries, and coconut) or coat ice cream sandwiches and Rice Krispy Treats in patriotic sprinkles. Of course, American flags are a must for decor, but anything in patriotic colors works. Give guests sparklers, play patriotic music (think Bruce Springsteen), and ask people to wear patriotic colors.

Game-Filled Garden Party

Friends playing cornhole at a summer party in the park.
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We know “garden party” might sound a little generic, but we mean the type of garden party where everyone is in the grass having fun and playing games. Set up as many outdoor games as possible and don’t be afraid to let this party get super silly!

Some excellent options include giant Jenga, bean bag toss, croquet, limbo, wiffle ball, badminton, tug-of-war, and anything else you can think of. It’s almost like a field day for your family and friends. Don’t overthink the food; just serve easy handheld favorites and convenient finger food.

Bonfire Bash

Happy friends playing music and enjoying bonfire in nature.
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Maybe it’s not an actual bonfire, but you can have a cozy outdoor summer party with a fire as the focal point. If you can have a bonfire, do it, but stay safe. Otherwise, a small campfire or firepit will work beautifully.

Have hot dogs and marshmallows for people to roast on sticks, as well as the condiments and s’mores fixings they need. Give out blankets and pillows so people can be comfy. Have casual games like trivia ready, and make a relaxing and rustic playlist for the event.

Classic Dinner Party

Friends having dinner party outside.
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A classic outdoor dinner party is never a bad idea! Although it sounds like a simple gathering, a lot of work goes into an outdoor dinner. You can impress your friends and family with a summery tablescape and mouthwatering meal that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Plan a standard three-course menu (appetizer, main meal, and dessert) and a signature cocktail or designated wine pairing. Create soothing lighting, perhaps with candles or fairy lights, and make the table look elegant. Focus on the details, and the party will be a triumph.

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