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How to Spend a Long Weekend in Sunny Palm Springs, California

The dreamy little retro oasis known as Palm Springs is nestled alongside the San Jose Mountains in Southern California. A one-time home away from home spot for old Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Liberace, this desert town is a fabulous vacation destination.

My husband and I love this city so much that we’re heading back this summer for another quick getaway. From incredible midcentury architecture, a fantastic food scene, majestic natural beauty, and a hopping nightlife, there are copious sights and experiences to enjoy. It’s also a great place to relax, unwind, and have a cocktail or three by the hotel pool.

Here is my firsthand account of how to spend a long weekend in sunny Palm Springs, California.

Where to Stay: Holiday House

palm springs hotel pool
Image Credit: Karen Culp and Shutterstock.

200 W Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

We booked our romantic anniversary stay at the Holiday House. This blue and white-painted adults-only boutique hotel is in the heart of Palm Springs and is absolute perfection for those who love artistry, luxury, and quiet. From the warm smiles of the staff and the fabulous pool and grounds to the exceptional rooms with the highest quality bedding, furniture, and amenities, this is where you want to stay. 

Each day, we started with the most delicious, healthy breakfast served a la carte from the bar/lounge area. Guests can choose from fresh fruit, yogurt and chia pudding, bagels and lox, cereals, toasts, hard-boiled eggs, and so much more. Their lunch and dinner menus comprised a more focused selection of nutritious yet fun choices, such as a bucket of veggies, grilled artichokes, and lobster rolls.

Guests can rent bicycles to explore the town, play bocce ball, or soak up the sun while lounging around the newly remodeled pool area. Remember to cool off with some ice cream from the retro cart that is available, too. 

Other Hotels We Loved: Parker Palm Springs

couples massage
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4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

The upscale Parker Resort and Spa encompasses quintessential mid-century elegance and glam from the grandiose breezeway block wall in front of the hotel entrance to the opulently lush gardens featuring a cheeky Jonathan Adler “Banana” sculpture. Although we did not stay at this posh hotel, we visited multiple times during our trip to enjoy a spa day and the restaurants on the grounds. 

We took advantage of the couple’s massage services at their Yacht Club Spa and were greeted with a cucumber-infused Vodka shot to set the mood. The spa’s delightful, high-end, nautical ambiance relaxed and refreshed us. Afterward, we enjoyed a light lunch at their main restaurant, Norma’s.

Fleur Noire Hotel

rose wine pouring
Image Credit: New Africa and Shutterstock.

1555 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

After seeing an Instagram reel highlighting “La Boisson,” the rose wine bar at Fluer Noire Hotel, I had to stop by this sweet little place. And let me tell you, I’m so glad we did! With its colorful floral walls painted by artist Ellie Cashman, the enchanting courtyard was a pleasing spot to visit just as the sun was setting. 

They offered a great selection of rose wines, and the friendly bartender walked us around the grounds to take our pictures in all the right spots.

Where to Eat: Workshop Kitchen & Bar

workshop kitchen main dining
Image Credit: Audrey Ma.

800 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

The industrial architecture of clean, modern lines made of concrete and iron is an excellent backdrop for an incredible culinary experience at Workshop. In 2012, the chefs and owners partnered to renovate this 1926 historic El Paseo building in Palm Springs Design District and have been creating James Beard award-winning dishes ever since. 

Most of the restaurant’s produce is grown in Chef Michael’s home garden in Rancho Mirage and lends to the seasonal menu changes. We started our meal with a chilled asparagus soup, followed by duck fried rice and the English pea risotto paired with a Stolpman white wine.  


farm palm springs
Image Credit: Jose Pacheco.

6 La Plaza, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this hidden little gem, set back from downtown’s central plaza, is quite magical. Upon entering, guests feel like they are stepping into a secret garden filled with bougainvillea-lined walls, twinkling fairy lights, and the heavenly scents of delicious food pulling them in. 

We joined them for dinner, with a set seasonal menu of three entrees, three sides, and three desserts to choose from. While we savored our meals, a performer serenaded us with loungey hits and took requests from the patrons. It was such an engaging evening that made this meal memorable.

Bar Cecil

Bar Cecil MKimberling
Image Credit: Courtesy of Bar Cecil.

1555 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Bar Cecil is such a hot spot that we were unable to get reservations before we arrived in Palm Springs, but on our last night in town, I asked the Holiday House hotel manager if he could see about getting us a table at the last minute and he came through for us! This French bistro boasts an excellent menu selection and finely curated cocktails. 

We dined on appetizers of deviled eggs topped with Regiis Ova Royal Caviar (for an additional charge), girl and dug farm salad, grilled broccolini, the Beaton burger, and the bucatini with peas and black truffles, pairing the meal with a crisp Anselmo Mendes Vinho Verde.


couple brunch outside
Image Credit: Dario Albaye and Shutterstock.

4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

This sister restaurant to the one in New York City, also named Norma’s, is a brightly colored, open-air terrace restaurant located on the grounds of the Parker Palm Springs. We lunched here after spending time in their Yacht Club Spa; it was the perfect way to continue unwinding and relaxing. 

Serving breakfast all day and all night, guests can enjoy delectable dishes like very berry brioche French toast and a variety of egg benedicts. If you’re feeling fancy, you can splurge on the “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata“—super-sized with 10 oz of white sturgeon reserve for $1,000. We passed on that choice. 

Art Galleries & Shops

palm springs shopping center vintage car
Image Credit: Kamil Zelezik and Shutterstock.

I’ll preface this by saying that most art galleries, museums, and shops have limited business hours during the summer months. The busy tourist season ends in May, so when we visited a couple of weeks later, many places were unfortunately not open, which gave us even more time to lounge by the pool.

The Shag Store

shag store
Image Credit: Courtesy of The Shag Store.

745 North Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Shag is a lifestyle brand featuring the work of artist Josh Agle aka Shag. Their exclusive limited edition prints and merchandising consist of whimsical takes of cartoon-like characters in various scenes. Whether it be “goth night” at a local club or “the incognitos” at a pool party at Richard Neutra Kauffman’s desert house, patrons can pick up beach towels, mugs, and coasters as souvenirs from their Palm Springs trip. 

Christopher Anthony Ltd

christopher anthony
Image Credit: Courtesy of Christopher Anthony Ltd.

803 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

I loved this store! It was hands down one of the best-curated vintage home furnishings and fine art galleries I’ve ever been in. They had incredible barware and decanter sets, fabulous furniture, and exceptional art.

Christopher Anthony is a premier spot for all mid-century lovers. If I’m honest, I had to be dragged out of there.

J. Kenneth Fine Art

fine art gallery exhibit
Image Credit: New Africa and Shutterstock.

668 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Everywhere we visit, we must explore at least a couple of art galleries, and I was thrilled that this gallery was open when visiting Palm Springs.

Representing a well-curated group of artists and estates, J. Kenneth remains committed to promoting and showcasing the best of the very best, like abstract expressionist painter Taro Yamamoto and contemporary artist Lynne Drexler.

Things to Do: Joshua Tree National Park

joshua tree national park
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Joshua Tree is not just an iconic U2 album but also the magical place where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet in southern California. Just an hour’s drive from Palm Springs, this natural wonder hosts a plethora of fascinating wildlife, superb star-gazing, and fabulous hiking and camping adventures. 

Visitors can buy their day passes online or use their National Parks Pass if they already have one. We spent the day exploring this age-old ecosystem created by strong winds and wind torrents.

Mid-Century Architecture Home Tour

frank sinatra midcentury home tour
Image Credit: Jeff Mindell and Shutterstock.

You must take advantage of the home tour with Palm Springs Mod Squad. Explore the mid-century grandeur of butterfly rooflines, colorful front doors, and A-frame facades in the Mod Squad van and learn the history of this desert oasis and the celebrities who made it their vacation getaway. 

Visitors can choose from three different options: the Essential Palm Springs Tour focuses on six specific architects of this minimalist design, the Interior Tour takes you into three mid-century Palm Springs houses, or the Martini & MCM Architecture Tour and see the former homes of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Dean Martin, ending with a classic martini (and if you’re lucky you’ll get to sit in Old Blue Eye’s booth)!

Aerial Tramway Adventure

aerial tramway palm springs
Image Credit: Cameron Cross and Shutterstock.

The world’s largest rotating tram car, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway travels over two and one-half miles along the awe-inspiring cliffs of Chino Canyon, delivering riders to the pristine grounds of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. The trams rotate slowly during this approximate 10-minute ride, offering guests picturesque views to capture those perfect memories. 

Once you reach the Mountain Station, you are greeted with two restaurants, a natural history museum, observation decks, gift shops, and over 50 miles of hiking trails to test your endurance. Tickets can be bought online beforehand.  

Honorable Mentions

palm springs california
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Ace Hotel

The bar at the Ace Hotel delivers some fine-crafted cocktails, including an excellent Hemingway Daiquiri and one of the most delicious Pina Coladas I’ve ever tasted.

Sherman’s Deli

This mid-century-designed deli has served some of the best matzoh ball soup, pastrami and corn-beef sandwiches, and chicken salad. It is an excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot.

Chicken Ranch

This al fresco dining spot serves sandwiches, salads, and half and whole rotisserie chicken made fresh daily. Locals and tourists alike love it. 

Bootleggers Tiki Bar

For some delicious tiki drinks and a cool vibe, check out Bootleggers Tiki Bar. This unique joint was bustling for a Sunday night.

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